What causes DRY SKIN & how to GET RID OF IT

hello world what’s up guys welcome back
to today’s video where we are talking all about dry skin what causes dry skin
how to identify it and most importantly how to get rid of dry skin I can’t even
believe I’m about to say this but this winter is officially here it’s the
beginning of December the holidays are coming but that also means that dry skin
rough skin cracked skin peeling skin itchy skin red skin irritated skin I
don’t want to say any more last week we talked all about the differences between
dry skin and a dehydrated skin because they are two different things
doing things for dry skin if you have dehydrated skin it’s not going to give
you the best results so make sure you check out last week’s video
I’ll link it down below and in a card right around here here once you have
identified if you have dry skin thankfully there are some ways that you
can help to treat it minimize it and prevent it this winter
today we’re gonna do a deep dive into dry skin in particular because I myself
battled with dry skin and have my entire life and I know so many of you battle
with dry skin in particular in the winter as well but before we dive into
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videos alright let’s dive right into today’s video what causes dry skin how
to identify dry skin and most importantly how to get rid of dry skin
okay so dry skin is a skin type just like oily skin normal skin or
combination skin dry skin lacks the natural lipids or oils that help keep
your skin smooth and well hydrated when your skin lacks these natural oils it
takes out a more dry rough or flaky appearance you guys know this is like
the bane of my existence dry skin is my arch nemesis today we’re gonna take care
of all of it now some of the symptoms of dry skin include your skin feeling
really tight if it feels rough dry itchy irritated all of these things signal
that you could be suffering from dry skin now of course dry skin can happen
over your entire body for me in particular my legs are so dry you can
experience dry skin over you entire body but most people in
particular get it on the hands the arms the legs Oh even the head we’re talking
to Andrew oddly enough I also suffer from dry skin
on my feet my hands and my feet in particular in the winter become so dry
you guys I can’t even I am constantly using a moisturizer protecting my skin I
was actually just thinking I need to pick up like a full tub of Vaseline to
have it in my bathroom this winter I just ran out I need to pick one up this
is the mental reminder now you may have heard the term dermatitis used before
and this is the medical term for extremely dry skin and unfortunately
there are several types of dermatitis that you can get during your lifetime
now the first one is contact dermatitis and this is when your skin develops an
irritation whenever it touches something what happens is the chemical or
substance that you’re touching causes inflammation irritation and can develop
and get worse if the skin stays in contact with this chemical or whatever
is irritating it over a long period of time you can have a really bad skin
reaction the second type of dermatitis is sabor ik dermatitis and this is when
your skin produces too much oil and it actually in flames your own skin the
symptoms of sabor ik dermatitis is red scale enos and they say that this
happens a lot on infants and on the top of your head how awful of course sweat
and oil is a skin irritant and even as an adult experts do say that after you
exercise or sweat a lot it is important to shower and get rid of all of that oil
and sweat off of your skin to minimize your chances of it causing a reaction
now the third type of dermatitis is the one that I suffer from it’s so sad and
that’s atopic dermatitis also known as eczema now I feel like at this point I
am an eczema expert I haven’t done any videos on eczema I should do that this
is another mental note do a video on eczema I’ve suffered from eczema my
entire life you guys I’ve had it over my entire body I used to have it on my knee
then it spread to my elbow I haven’t had it on those areas now that I think about
it in a while but as an adult I experience eczema on my eyelid I know
awful on my eyelid and my ear I get a little patch right here
it happens about once a year always when winter comes or when a season changes
but I get a little bit here on the side of my eye I actually have a little bit
of the eczema on this eyelid right here right now it causes a rough and scaly
patch literally you can pull the skin off it is disgusting and then I get a
little bit on my ear and I always know it’s eczema and not dry skin
a by the fact that it’s pili rough and literally like peels right off but it
also has like a dead desensitized touch I don’t know if you have eczema out
there you know exactly what I’m talking about but in my personal experience if
you suffer from eczema there is a lot of things that you can
try at the drugstore to get rid of it but every time I’ve experienced an Exuma
outbreak I’ve gone to my doctor and I’ve got some type of steroid cream
honestly in one day you just pop it on there and the eczema is gone in one day
now of course there are some things that you could be doing that are increasing
your risk of developing dry skin especially in the wintertime so there
are a few things that you can do to minimize your dry skin of course
naturally as you age your body produces less of those oils and less of those
lipids so as you age you do increase your chances of developing dry skin of
course your skin can change a little bit here and there as you age or as the
seasons change so these are kind of like loose guidelines to follow definitely
depending on the type of year so season change from winter to summer it is
important to adjust your skin care routine and your lifestyle routine if
you’re someone who suffers from extremely dry skin I know it can be a
bit of an inconvenience to change up your whole routine but if you suffer
from dry skin you guys know there is nothing worse than dry skin so there are
a few things that you can do like avoiding hot water in the shower I know
if you’re someone out there who loves a hot hot shower I’m actually not one of
them luckily because I’ve always known that it dries your skin out but the
hotter the water the more dry your skin is going to become so try turning that
water down a little bit cooler and you’ll see that your dry skin should
alleviate this also goes into things like not taking a very long shower just
pop in also you can shower every other day you don’t need to shower every day
if you’re someone who your body is literally just dying to hold on to its
natural or and moisture because your body is so dry
try showering every second day instead of every day give your skin that break
let it you know absorb its oils moisturize it frequently
that also means avoiding baths hot long baths I know in the winter it feels so
good get your iPad to crawl in the bath put on Netflix you could stay in there
for like an hour floating bobbing you know a lush bath bomb bath salts don’t
eat them by just lying in the bath resting rejuvenating I know but really I
want to have a bath right now that I said that but it won’t another way to
avoid a dry skin is something that I’ve actually done for a couple of years now
and it’s one of my biggest tip that I always share with you guys as soon as
I’m done my shower I don’t even use the towel I take my hands i squeegee my
entire body down and then I just take about five pumps of moisturizer and I
just cover my whole body this helps to lock in the moisture to lock in that
little bit of water that’s already left on your body then I just dry down my
skin has never felt more hydrated or supple literally in my entire life since
I started doing this I’ve read about it somewhere on the internet and I was like
I need to try this because I have such dry skin so I tried it I loved it from
me to you that is a real personal tip put your moisturizer on right after the
shower you guys let me know in the comments down below if you do this your
skin is soft now things like hyaluronic acid or glycerin or even collodial
colloidal oatmeal I’m a little bit tongue-tied all of these things help to
add moisture back into the skin if you have dehydrated skin these are great
skin care ingredients that we hear about all the time what if what some Hanoi
stores are on right now but these things are going to help to put moisture back
into the skin and then you want to go ahead and use a product to seal it in if
you have dry skin it is important to add a little bit of moisture into that
dehydrated skin just to help the overall dryness of the situation and then once
you’ve quenched your dehydrated skin you want to go ahead with something like
jojoba oil a squalane or a rose hip oil even something as simple as vaseline put
that all over your dry skin and what that’s going to do is to seal in those
ingredients to really protect your skin and help form that protective barrier
that way your and is protected from moisture loss
leaving you with a more supple skin than you’ve ever had in your entire lifetime
and of course ceramides are fabulous for dry and dehydrated skin what they help
to do is strengthen the skins barrier helping to prevent moisture loss and
sealing in hydration literally it’s a double win and one more big tip that I
wanted to let you guys know about is adding a humidifier into your space
really helps with a dry dehydrated skin it helps with both of those especially
during the winter when there’s not a lot of humidity in the air you can even do
something as simple as boiling a big pot of water on the stove sometimes I like
to throw some lemon or an orange in there it just fills the space with such
a beautiful moisture it smells amazing your skin is gonna feel hydrated it’s
gonna drink it up it is gonna love it this winter now a couple of my personal
favorite skincare products to treat and prevent dry skin this is the equate this
is a dupe for the Aveeno daily moisturizer with colloidal oak a
humectant it’s gonna bind to the skin and then the moisturizers in here of
course this is the fragrance free version but the moisturizers in here are
then going to create a protective barrier it makes a fabulous body
moisturizer as well as a great hand cream now I did want to quickly mention
as well this is the Claire’s rich moist soothing serum now this on its own
provides hydration in the skin but then you need to use a moisturizer on top to
seal it all in if you just use a serum like this that’s full of different
hyaluronic acids and full of different humectants if you don’t seal it in with
a moisturizer it’s actually gonna pull the moisture out of your skin
leaving you with even more dry skin which is something we don’t want
so this winter I’ve actually been pairing it with the I’m from honey cream
now this is another cult classic as well it contains honey which is a fabulous
humectant on its own again gonna pull moisture into the skin plump it up add
hydration for dehydrated skin but if you have dry skin all of the emollients in
here are going to create that protective barrier seal in all the benefits of the
honey it’s fantastic it’s really thick I mean it is thick it’s basically as thick
as like a Nivea cream but for the winter it’s fabulous
I’ve even been bringing this all the way down my neck giving myself a nice neck
treatment you guys I’ve been developing little neck lines oh my gosh so I’ve
been bringing my skincare all the way down my neck which you should be doing
anyway but now I’m just paying extra attention alright guys and that is
today’s video on dry skin how to identify dry skin what type of dry skin
you may have and most importantly how to get rid of your dry skin and prevent it
this winter winter can be such an awful time for that dry scaly irritated skin
you guys know my channel is all about moisturization hydration I truly believe
that moisture is the foundation of preventing aging if you have any
favorite skin care products to prevent and treat your dry skin please please
let me know in the comments down below I would love to go get them I would love
to try them and if you made it to the end of today’s video you guys know Romeo
and I love and appreciate you so much thanks for sticking around in to leave
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guys we’ll see you in the next video we love you so much we’ll see you then bye

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