hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing [Music] hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching our earwax removal video today there’s just one patient in this video this lady came to the clinic she’s got quite a lot of very soft earwax in her one year here so causing quite a bit of reduced hearing the reason that the earwax is so soft it looks far more liquid than you normally see in our videos ladies been using some drops just to soften this up and what’s happened is it’s kind of gone a bit too soft so the earwax has become almost not quite a liquid but a very mushy thin consistency so what we’re doing here is using the standard size on the tube just to clear clear down the ear canal we’re sticking to the right hand side it becomes very difficult to gauge to ear anatomy when the earwax is this mushy because it sticks all along the ear canal walls so it’s very difficult to tell where the earwax ends and the ear canal wall begins so you’re always a little bit more cautious with this type of this type of earwax removal just because it’s very easy to push too hard with the microsuction tube and actually sort of dig into the ear canal wall which is obviously gonna end up causing quite a bit just discomfort for the patient so I’m sticking to the right side because that ear canal was a little bit clearer I just helped me to clear away down late but if we clear enough of this soft ear earwax it means that it’s going to be easier for me to clear that left hand side and it’ll give me a good idea of bends and twists in the ear canal so as you can see we’re quite deep already so just such then trying to get down to get a glimpse of the eardrum basically so you can see all that earwax is getting sucked into the machine here just trying to get a grip on this base section of earwax stick this with this one guys I know it seems quite there’s a lot of whites getting sucked inside the machine it’s not very interesting to look at at the moment but you’ll see in a second that we get quite deep down into the ear canal and this soft earwax has completely covered the eardrum so it’s stuck all over the drum all over the ear canal walls just basically everywhere it really shouldn’t be so just very cautiously microsuctioning a little bit deeper in the ear canal then I we’re just starting to see her first glimpse of the eardrum there to the left-hand side a blueish patch or ember of circle on here so you can see it that’s the first step that’s the first glimpse we’ve had of the eardrum so far so as you can see that we’re starting to work down the left-hand side of the ear canal so we’ve gauged the distance down to the drum because we can start to see the eardrum so now what we’re gonna do is try and very slowly take away some of the earwax here to the left-hand side just switch to a fine end because we can see we’ve got that gap though the drum there’s a lot of earwax to the right-hand side of it and to the base of the ear canal as well so sometimes I mean for microsuction the ideal for us would be a slightly harder consistency of earwax just makes it easier to it to remove but when someone’s being you know when they’ve quite desperate that people will put lots of drops and lots of different concoctions in their ears to try and loosen up because they get really desperate they really want to hear better and it’s not a nice sensation so I told this patient to go away for a week and let this earwax dry out because I couldn’t get it off the drum it would have been too dangerous now this is the patience here one week later so whereas before you could see lots of very messy liquid earwax what you’ll see now is that earwax has started to dry and start to the harden up so we’re also all that earwax was covered on the left-hand side of the ear ear canal wall can you see now it’s formed a much more solid nature to that ear wax has actually peeled away from the ear canal wall by itself so that’s all we did was told this lady just not for anything in the rears just go away for a week come back a week later which is gonna make this ear wax a lot easier to remove now we still have the ear wax stuck to the eardrum but now what’s happened is it’s formed a much harder plate so what you’ll see as we start manoeuvring this deep ear waxy were working on at the moment you’ll start to see it in a second peel away from the drum whereas before we would have to work on the drum for a long period of time you know literally taking very soft ear wax off it what we can do now is because the ear wax is hardened and kind of congeal together a little bit it just means that this is a far easier piece of ear wax to work with but just starting to see the top of the ear drum above this block of ear wax now just slowly pulling from the top right corner just clearing that little bit of ear wax stuck at the end of the tube out there okay there now we can start to see the ear drum they lit to the left-hand side underneath this underneath this hard ear wax here so the ear wax that actually would completely cover the ear drum so we’re still covering the ear drum but it just means we’ve got a better chance of getting this off more comfortably for the patient than lots of short clearing of that thinner mushy ear wax we can actually peel this away so you can see it’s actually coming away in strips there now a little bit here to the right-hand side – to get some way from the left hand side you can see it’s still quite a bit there but this block here to the right is really firmly wedged in there you can see we’re trying different angles to try and loosen it out we’ve got a nice piece here to the left hand side this peeling away really well now sometimes we’re lucky and if we get a grip on this with a crocodile forceps then we can peel the whole thing away in one piece just trying to get a grip a little soft bit of ear wax here at the base of the ear canal which is just flicking up into view every so often say we’ve got a grip on this now we’re peeling the left side away you can see Jess broke way I’m gonna clear that soft bit of ear wax out the way it says it’s just a bit annoying so we’ll get rid of that and you can see we’re gonna be microsuctioning from the front to the back of their ear canal here because you’ve got this little lift that’s just started there there you go now that I think is connected to the piece that’s sitting on the eardrum so I’m what think if we can get a nice a nice run with that piece I think the whole thing’s going to come away so I’m just check-in the left-hand side of it with a microsuction a minute just to see if we can get a bit there now we start to see at the left side lifting there now you can see it’s all connected together so just gonna use the crocodile forceps to get a grip on this section and lift there you go you can just start to see it peeling away now off the ear canal wall at the base there it’s going now see if we can grab that little curl that flicked up was repealed that last piece away yeah let’s go to that unfortunately it didn’t take the section to the right-hand side of the drum away which is still quite hardened up but we’ve cleared all of that left-hand side now so I’m just going to work to try and work this hard or ear wax out from this little groove to the right-hand side you can see that little rays there at the base it’s not quite enough to get the microsuction tube under so just keep working this little block there we go see all peeling away all coming away nicely see I told you as we’re sticking to it and then when we take a look afterwards there we are we can see the eardrum there it’s a couple little flakes of dry skin the little brown dots you can see are actually remnants of the oil be really uncomfortable to remove those and they’ll come out with baths and showers and that’s why we remove guys thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more our videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care


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