UVM and Tufts Team Builds First Living Robots


37 thoughts on “UVM and Tufts Team Builds First Living Robots

  • Scientists from UVM and Tufts repurposed living cells scraped from frog embryos and assembled them into entirely new life-forms. More: http://go.uvm.edu/firstrbts Meet the xenobot: world's first living, self-healing robots created from frog stem cells

    By Jessie Yeung, CNN

  • as cool and as amazingly useful it will be for noble purposes, it's not hard to imagine someone programs ransomware-type nastiness into those biorobots
    and unleashes onto us humans as hosts – "transfer 0.1 bitconis into account X and you will receive personalized antidote cells formula into your bio-3d-printer, otherwise your right kidney will be fully metabolized in 3 days, thank you."

  • "survive for weeks without food" And when it mutates to seek out its own food while inside a human body then what? Oh right, it uses the human body for food, while replicating itself, and self repairing.
    "The organisms come pre-loaded with their own food source of lipid and protein deposits, allowing them to live for a little over a week — but they can't reproduce or evolve."
    Why can't they evolve? Simple proteins eventually evolved into single cell organisms, and these are more complex.

  • Wow to think this literally could be our most simplified form legit we could possibly be programmable living organisms we jus dont know how to control our remote could be more biological an have to do less with numbers an more with vibrations or certain energy waves

  • Mother nature make everything by her techniques which we called science.
    She made any livingthings by her own way DNA technology.
    All livingthings are made by organic robot techniques. We must learn how is work
    of DNA machines into nano scale level.
    We will create all species by our hands at future. Go deeply probe into the DNA machine.

  • "Machines"…so humans are machines eh? Anything with cells is a machine now? Then we have the nifty graphics, showing the differing shapes, I suppose this university will swear the "AI" programmed and built these wasted dollars experiments, or we can use common sense and state that the researchers derping around simply mashed some cells together (bit more complicated than that) and then simply copied the shapes onto paper and then had some cad coder make the nifty shapes and animations. Still, the video is really over stepping what was really done and what these (laugh) can do. Pure hype to get funding dollars.

    As for being programmable..ya, BS. These universities will spin anything and make these worthless hype videos to gain more dollars and create a way to get new revenue.

    More scientifically factual is what I accomplished recently. I took some modified plant cells and placed them with a micro cellular protein emulsion that was animal based that treats cold and flu symptoms and then programmed it to use gravity with a manual metal based instrument after the AI was done changing the temperature gradient over a set time. In short I made chicken soup and then ate it after my programmable stove was done with it.

  • Yeah…I'm sure they only have our best interest in mind with this shit…. Yep…. It's going to be all medicinal use to help the sick …. No weaponizing of any kind…. No rich degenerates will make use of it. Like someone said before: When Intellect abandons reason.

  • And of course, this technology will ultimately be used for only benevolent purposes. Gentiles will make the perfect test subjects!

  • Seems f'ed up to me, but it help prove we are biological machines and that most likely someone or something intervened in our evolution and creation and that it was definitely not a god or some magical thing.

  • This project is funded by DARPA, military use, the future looks more creepier and like sci-fi. If you think this technology will make everyone live healthier and perfect and make the earth happier ever after…you're delusional.
    Everything is ultimately about Power, money, and control. Manufacture the chess board, and the pieces, and the Rules, and even get inside the mind of your opponent.

  • OOOOOOOOk! It's time to reread "Prey" (2002), the stunning novel by Michael Crichton about "potentially terrifying underbelly" of latest scientific advances.
    "Jaaaaaack! The swarm!"

  • We could fill a body with these and make it work without receiving food to burn.
    Immortality will be achievable in the near future,its only a matter of time.

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