Hi guys, welcome back to the Glamrs studio and this is gorgeous Pooja who’s offered to be our model today and over the next few videos! What we’re addressing in these mainly skin of her kind and her colouring so basically deeper skin tones. There is a lot of confusion always, about what kind of makeup looks good on the skin? How do you get started on this colour and do all the corrections? We’ll try and cover as many topics as we can over the next few videos. To start with I’m going really basic I’m going to celebrate skin as it were and do a very neutral makeup look, something that a person of her skin colouring can do on a daily basis! Well I’ve already done her moisturizer and primer because that is how I like to always begin my makeup. And I’m going to proceed into the foundation but a few things to understand, when you have somebody with this skin colouring, the common things that you’ll find across the face is a general amount of pigmentation around the mouth and also on the forehead. So the thing about like any other makeup, you need to neutralize everything to create an amazing, clean base before you get started. I’ve used primer so that will aid me to do the base like I like to do it, very sheer very see-through and very skin-like. So, of course, you can choose a concealer of your choice it doesn’t have to be from a particular brand, it can be anything that you have but it’s very important in this case to have these 2 colours, one is a orange corrector and one is a yellow corrector. I’m gonna start on one side of the face so you can see the process building. So I’ll start with the orange, very lightly. You don’t want the colour to stand out you’re simple blocking out the violet and the greens. If you’ll notice there will already be a difference between this side and this side because a large part of the dullness is knocked back wit the orange. Don’t make the orange too evident you don’t want layers and layers of it just a very thin veil so to speak. Now just so we can proceed step by step I’m just going to show you what magic the yellow does, just a dot of it not too much, no heavy layering just very sheer. The minute you add the yellow you take off the greyness and the sallowness So if you notice just with these two very light steps I’ve brought her skin back to the same colour as on her cheeks. So I’m going to proceed, I hope you understood that I’m just going to go on without stopping too much and I’m going to knock off this bit as well! So you should take a closer look. So there you go, with the most careful amount of correction I’ve almost brought this side of her face back to a balance as compared to this side of her face where you see a fair amount of dullness around the mouth and around the eyes. But her skin is beautiful in any other case, I would have just continued with my makeup and not done any base at all cause it’s flawless her skin, except for the a slight discolouration. Just a spot more on her eyelids to correct them as well. Same method, a bit of orange Alright so now I’m going in with her base, The very important thing when you’re doing a neutral makeup look is remembering neutrals don’t bring out too much colour! And they’re not very coloured, it’s very close to the skin tone so make sure that you know you’re correcting really well which is why the base is really important in a very neutral makeup. So there you can see a very clean and well balanced base on one side and you can see the dullness and discolouration on the other side. So powder now becomes an option depending upon the foundation you’ve used. Her skin’s gone quite matte as I’ve used a shine-free foundation actually! Whatever you use if you feel the need to set it, go ahead but in her case she has dry skin already and I don’t see the current need for powdering but I will powder on her eyes and around the mouth so applying the eye makeup becomes easier Now if you’ve noticed in the effort to brighten the face there will be a certain difference between the neck and the face but having said that try going as close to the person’s natural skin colour if possible! So I’m just using a warm brown matte contour. And as you’ll know the places to add a contours is just the corners that receed naturally so I’m just adding a little bit of shape to the face without taking off the youth of it. Again this is as per your needs if you think you like to strong contours please go ahead. So I’m going to complete this on the other side as well and you’ll see that’s it’s all tied in together!


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