Skinning -Šišanje ( full movie- ceo film)

…this has been
one of the fiercest riots… Good evening ladies
and gentlemen… with me in the studio tonight
are the Academician Hadzi Tankosic and Miss Lidija Lukic, the president
of the Serbian branch of the Foundation Against
Juvenile Delinquency. …the protesters, in turn,
have responded with bricks and stones, and…
The general public is shocked by reports of hooliganism
on the streets. Before we judge them,
let’s think a little about the conditions in which
those children grew up. Milosevic was on one side, while on
the other there was the wars, the destruction and global
Serbophobia. You’re talking about the wars, the
crises, the destructions, Milosevic. But l’d say, professor,
that you and your colleagues were singing heroic poetry
while seeing Milosevic off to the those same wars.
But first, let’s see the report. Things got outta control and when
a policeman came to help… …was hit by a…from…
…shots were fired… lf you ask people about me,
one thing they’ll all confirm is that Novica never…. …miscalculated. lf l could choose, go back, l’d do everything
the same way again. Bro! Hey!
You can’t hear me, or what? What? The fifth? Cauchy-Schwarz. lnequality.
Write it down. Name? Novica Marjanovic Well, Marjanovic,
your paper’s torn. l miscalculated something
so l tore it off. l see. But, these are not
the problems from your group. You’re a good matematician.
Tell me, who were you helping and l’ll let you
finish your test. So?
Stanislav. Leave the classroom, both of you. But you said…
l lied. l’m sorry.
lt’s okay. Marjanovic!
Where are you going? l’m done. Already?
The problems were easy. Firstly, they were not. Secondly,
didn’t we have an agreement? The competition lasts two hours,
so you sit for two hours checking the results.
lf you’ve missed only one minus… l was disqualified.
For what? Well, the professor accused me
of helping others. Helping whom? Helping whom?
Some girl? Relja.
lf you’d needed money, l could’ve lent you some.
lt wasn’t for money. What for then?
He’s a good friend. l’d never say you would fall
for that shaved poser. He’ll find his way around,
trust me… …much better than you will. As far as l’m concerned,
we’ll keep practicing as if you’d passed to the
Republic Competition. Good afternoon.
Novica, A Zen problem: a Buddhist monk
gets a task from his teacher to meditate for exactly 45 minutes.
He hasn’t got a watch, just two scented sticks
which burn exactly one hour each, …but at different speeds.
How is the monk going to measure exactly the 45 minutes he needs
for the meditation? l think we should join Al-Qaeda.
They’re trained in Palestine, there’s much to see there. Also,
we can shot as much as we like, we can learn how to
plant explosives. You know, eventually,
if we sacrifice ourselves, we’re in for eternal life in Jannah
where we’ll enjoy 72 virgins for thousands of years. A couple
of centuries with each of them. They’d have to do whatever we say
Because by then we’ll be Shahids. Dude!
You saved me, you know. l’ll fuck that Hebrew bitch
for thowing us out! She must be a Jew- you’ve seen
the bump on her nose? Listen, man. l’m taking you
to a lecture tomorrow. l can see you can think.
Just wear something appropriate, something black.
Screw that kids’ fashion. And here, read this.
Be a good boy. But let’s be serious,
the Third Reich certainly made some mistakes,
gone to some extremes that cannot be approved
by a civilized person. But, brothers and sisters,
let’s look at where we are today. Why are you dressed like an idiot?
Hasn’t Global Zionism already archived all those dark goals foreseen
by the late Adolf Hitler? This guy looks like a Nazi from
the lndiana Jones movies! Oh, shut the fuck up! Look who’s
in charge of global capital. Look who’s governing world culture, waging all the wars and holding
the world in their grasp? The Jews in the
American administration! Freak. …masked by the
so-called ”united market”… Will you be quiet?
Why? First, this man is a member
of the Academy of Sciences… …and one of the Serbia’s greatest
intellectuals. Oh, cut the crap. They are creating a new world!
A world of new global slavery! They are turning nations
into mindless beehives. l’m leaving, man. lf you like this
Hitlerjugend crowd, you can stay. l don’t give a shit.
Go get high, who cares. We’re been left alone… Gathered
around our national hearth …to defend what’s rightfully ours. See? No politically correct crap.
Man has some serious ideas on how to make things work
in this fucked up society. And who was that geek?
Mirko? He’s my cousin… Some pothead, huh?
No, he just sometimes… Sometimes? Get serious!
Never trust the fucking addicts. They lie like dogs. Came here to provoke us?
Brave kid… Tomorrow l’m taking you to
the match. FC Radnik vs. Novi Pazar! Well, l’m not really
into football… Who gives a flying fuck
’bout football? We’re going just to kick
some gangsta ass! Pufta’s gangters?
Yes. How do you know that…? When that football player’s
leg was cut off… They attacked me and my friend
the other day… Wait, maybe you know her,
she’s also a Radnik fan… Those cunts. Picking on
girls now, eh? Bastards. You’ll see our crew.
True Serbs, good kids. Never would hit somebody weaker. Unless he’s a queer. Or a Jew. Or Albanian?
Yes, well. Or a Croat. Or Muslim?
Oh, not that, never… We really love Muslims… Fuck you,
Turkish Muslim sons of bitches! Boo, you pussy, l’ll fuck you hard,
you Muslim motherfucker! Go back to where you came from,
you cocksucking bastard…. ”KNlFE, WlRE, SREBRENlCA!
BALD PUSSlES!” D’ya see the freak over there?
Those are Pufta’s hillbillies, he brought them to the stand
as his own private army, as if he’s got supporters
behind his back so he can fuck the club form the inside.
”YOUR DAD’S FROM A DUMPSTER!” ls that Jomla from school!?
Fat cunt! For fuck’s sake l’ve got no idea what
to do anymore to make them scared. Did you see that idiot?
Won’t play in Chechenya. Yes, boss, the Russian League
is strong, but… l really don’t like the city.
Bring that over here. Put it here.
You see this instrument? lt’s your pal Nyegomir’s
working instrument. The cunt wanted to transfer to
FC ”Kosancic”. That wasn’t so nice now, was it?
Listen, the Skinheads are causing trouble,
making a mess at the stadium, chasing people away. lt’s bad for
the business. We’ll deal with it. Oh, good morning superstar!
Serbian Mother Theresa! Got hurt watching your Mistress’s
latest leaked video, huh? Listen, sweetheart.
ln the end l decided to sell you that player, Nyegomir.
But in increments. Bye, sweetheart. ”PUFTA’S A THlEF,
AND YOUR SLUT MOM…” Come here you pussy! ”GO WASH YOURSELVES!” Those are my first hooligans,
you know! lt’s easy with hooligans. Just beat them up! Yeah, right.
Just, please, tell me what we need from them, a confession, what?
Cooperation. They’re more useful out there on the streets.
Hey, Elvira, what’s up? Hey inspector! You’re down again?
l’ve told you so many times… … shave yourself right,
and no one will catch you. Oh, good day, my dear
juvenile delinquents! How are you, my dear
juvenile delinquents? Wow, Mile, l haven’t seen you
in ages, you punk. Here l am. Ok, then, who do l fuck first?
You or your colleague? Lidija.
Lidija, please. You can’t do that,
molest the detained. Go on, take the kid out. Ever detained before?
No, it’s my first time. l know you.
Do you, now? Well, yes, it was you the other day
who did the investigation, when Radnik player’s leg
was cut off. What the hell are you doing here,
Marjanovic Novica? You’re a nice boy.
l was defending a friend. Which friend?
The one who just insulted you, two guys were beating him up, so…
Who was beating him up? Why don’t you bring in
Pufta’s crowd for a change, and leave us decent people alone?
Poor workers’ children, huh? Just the jacket and the boots you’re
wearing can’t be under five hundred Euros.
Six hundred. You were close. You’re actually bored, that’s
why you’re doing this, right? Who was beating him up?
Feel free to tell me. As if you’d ever arrest
your colleague. Come on, we all know how it goes.
And how does it go? Novica, listen, this is all crap,
this talk about poor hooligans, and police torture…
That’s some hooligan crap that even the dumbest of you
don’t actually believe. We’re not Milosevic’s
police anymore. Man, you’re worse than
Milosevic’s police. You’re violating our
basic human rights. l’ll complain to the European
Court of Justice in Strasbourg. You could also go on strike,
so the dumpsters would have to set themselves on fire.
We’re here to help you, you know. What is it?
You don’t trust me? Here, take my mobile phone number
so if you remember anything or you wanna tell me anything…
And keep away from those guys, can’t you see they’re morons.
Tell me, does Pufta pay you well or you do it just out of love? Well, you see, Pufta… lf you don’t get quiet,
l’ll put you all in jail. And l’ve got niggers there
who’ll rip your ass apart. l’m a minor.
l’ve got minor niggers. Where have you been,
you fascist pussy? l was at the game with Relja. So, you can finally tell a centre forward from
an offside? FC Radnik vs. Novi Pazar,
they kicked ass. Man, if you want to watch football
we’ll go to the proper league games. Or come to my place on Saturday,
we’ll watch Arsenal. Fuck Radnik vs. Novi Pazar.
l’m amazed you escaped the cops. Fucking hooligans,
toothless creeps, a man can’t go to a game anymore
’cause of them. Do you know how nicely
the English dealt with them? Yeah, right, the English are great,
why don’t you move to England? Or to Netherlands, for that matter?
Why don’t you and Hadzi-Tanskosic move to Germany? Did you hear
that creep yesterday? Nazi scum! And no one touched him
or arrested him! As if there were not two millions of us who
died in the war. Ok, the man said many things but he had some
good ideas… What ideas? The man is openly a Nazi!
Good ideas… how to solve a lot of
social issues. Brother! Are you on drugs?
No, Mirko. Come on in, why are you
standing there? This is Valkyre. The Beast!
You know him from the game. Don’t shake his hand,
he might rip yours off. Wow, the Beast
has started socializing! The dude’s not stupid at all,
trust me, he studies medicine, got a bit stuck on the first year,
the fuckin Anatomy. …Screwdriver… And this is the brain
of our organization, Svarog. How d’ya know the kid’s not
a police snitch? The kid’s clean as a whistle,
he’s my bro. The late Brka, Boki…
Kiss my cocky. Urke, Lepi… and… Mina… We already know each other
from around. Do you? Right, you’re looking good.
Don’t let him lick the blood, he’l become aggressive
towards humans! Exactly.
That’s why l brought him out. Going home?
Let’s go. What are you looking at, you apes?
Where to put the Gypsies to beg. Hey, girl, wash yourself a bit,
will you? You mind the smoke, ha? ”PUFTA lS A THlEF…
DlRTY FUCKlN GYPSY THlEF…” What’s that?
Our supporters’ website. The lron Order. (Gvozdeni Stroj.)
That’s the name of our group. lsn’t ”stroj” a Croatian word? ”Stroj” is an old Serbian word
for machine. Sorry, but ”machine”
is a German word… Yeah, right, that’s what the Pope
would want us to believe. The Pope??
The Pope, the Pope! And the Free Masons and the
Rothschilds and the Queen of England. Listen, this word dates
back to the times of Atlantis which was an old Serbian colony,
way before Germany was founded. Excuse me, but Atlantis
is an imaginary land! Plato invented it as a metaphor
for… Hey, will you listen, or will you eat shit? Anyway,
the word stayed in the Serbian sub-consciousness, until it was
stolen from us by the Croats, so that they could a have an ancient
word of their own. Because they’re don’t have any real history,
and they’re full of shit anyway. The Serbs were given the German
word ”machine”, so they would forget what a progressive civilization they
were, even before the Germans. You’re a smartass, you know.
Read a little, but some real books. Not falsified
Viennese-Vatican history. Svarog…
Let me do a tatoo for you? l’ve told you it’s not hygenic. You got them good. Yeah. lt’s a trick back from school,
when we were kids… When we played, boys against girls,
when we waged wars, do you remember how we kicked your ass every time?
Well, you wouldn’t let me play with the boys. l used
an old trick from playing RPG… You kill the brain of an operation
and everyone withdraws after that… The thing is, you gotta find
out who the brain is… Once you figured out it was me you
got the others to throw me in a hole! Yes, but l hated girls then.
l mean, l hated you less than the others, cross my heart.
And now? Even less?
Of course… l mean, no. l don’t hate you now. Hey, dude,
know how you start a Gypsy car? Gypsy, gypsy, gypsy… roma, roma, roma… People! We should all
join Al-Qaeda, you know. l’m serious. They’ll teach us how to shoot,
how to cook up explosives… Hey, we must take
the little Nazi to Novi Pazar. We’ll go on a rampage at the Novi,
N-N-Novi Pazar match, man. ln Pazar brother… Svarog, they must have an Al-Qaeda
representative in Pazar, right? Come on, Al-Qaeda…
Let’s go home. Come on, you terrorist,
on your feet. Hey, people,
what do you call a Gypsy dentist? Hey, Boki, leave us be, please. Hey, hey, hey…
Gimme that! What do you say about
the talent l’ve recruited? Hey, you fool, we write in Cyrilic. Pufta’s gang writes
in the Latin alphabet! Hey! Look, it’s the dirty Gyppo! Fuck that, let him go… Thats the guy who
attacked us at the ruins. The creture’s urinating
all over our pretty town! Let’s kick it’s ass. Hello, Novica, didn’t l say no? The bastard said
he would cum on my face. lt’s ok, Novica. You got him good.
That’s enough! We can dump him in the Zoo? The bears will sort him
out by morning. Boki, shut up, you moron.
Hey, people! Dump him into the river
and let’s go home, come on. Novica, Novica boy, come on!
Sober up, get him, help out a bit! Let’s go now.
Let’s go, get away. Novica. Son, it’s you… l… l fell asleep a bit. l’m scared man,
l’ll lose my mind. There’s nothing to be scared of.
Trust me, they’ve got no idea. Especially not about you.
They don’t even know you exist. Bro l think we should…
Who’s ”we”? Screw that!
lt wasn’t me who killed him! Have you solved the problems? Well, quit talking, then. What, you’re helping each other? lf you’re not interested in what
we’re doing… … feel free to leave. Did you solve
the problem l gave you? No? You’re so immature…
my God… Look at you…
Where did you get those bruises? l think we could use the
Cauchy-Schwarz inequality in the first problem. See, Novica, you could learn
something from your friend. Obviously, he knows what he wants. l’ve got a murder case. A tourist river boat came upon
a dead Gypsy in the Danube. Make sure to arrive before the
autopsy, so those two baboons don’t mess something up.
Wait a second, here it says this is your case. l can’t go to
pathology. lt smells like hell. So you’re sending me. Well, you’ve
got your first murder case! Do you know how many people
are waiting for that? Maybe they’re waiting in Sweden,
but here it’s not so rare. You can close it now. You look like a freakin’ zombie.
What’s going on? Look, l don’t wanna
get preachy on you… But, what are you doing
with those guys? That’s not our crowd, man,
not our people. My dear colleague,
your enthusiasm is amazing. Are you in for a promotion
after this case? No, l’m just doing my job. Yes, yes…
Your job. Now, l’m supposed to waste time
examining all the potential witnesses, and the drunken sods
from the crime lab never find half a useful fingerprint.
No way. For 400 Euros? No. My wife’s
pregnant, we’re not making rent… Heck, Milutin’s salary is 500 Euros!
500 Euros! And the man’s a legend! Why don’t you change something?
Find some other job… This has got its advantages,
…l don’t know… Some older colleagues
help sometimes… l’m glad to see someone’s trying.
But trust me, you won’t get a single
”thank you” for what you do. Hey, kid, what’s your name?
Gimme a dinar and l’ll tell you. Come here. Tell me,
who’s the boy in the photo? You know… l have no idea!
Ok then, bye. Wait, pretty lady.
Don’t go. Wanna buy some bootleg goods? Gimme ten dinars, l’ll tell you
where to go. Nope. You gonna film me, show everyone
how poor we are? Nope… You want me to show you
where the blood is? Where?
Well, gimme ten dinars. Where is it?
Where Pufta’s gypsies meet up. Over there, sir, over there… l’ve solved the problem. No, l don’t need the notebook.
l want to hear you think. We break the sticks
into four even pieces. Ok, and then what?
Well, then we get four sticks that burn 1 5 minutes each. We burn three of them
and measure 45 minutes. lt’s just that the sticks burn
at a different speeds… Oh. l thought Occam’s razor…
The most simple solution is usually the best. Yes, but only
if you consider all the facts. Bear that in mind next time
you decide to solve things by breaking them.
Novica, mathematics is… … like music. ln its ultimate form,
it’s avoidance of patterns. Take Relja, for instance.
Relja is a man who has archieved the perfect application
of the rules. While you… You are capable
of avoding the pattern. l don’t know.
l’d like to develop that in you. l’ve never had that gift…
Never. But, you know, kids like you
are the reason l still like my job. l need to ask you for advice.
Go ahead. Some chick, right? But this has to stay between us.
ls it some guy? No, it’s not.
Sorry… The other night,
there was a murder on the quay. l’ve read about it… Some delinquent was killed,
right? Horrible. l killed him. ln self-defence. l didn’t report it to the police.
l don’t know what to do. Nothing. Creepy, yes? You know that the body
was in the water… Are there any leads?
l’m afraid not. The victim was already dead
when he was thrown in the water. No signs of drowning.
That’s all we have so far. Let’s stay in touch.
Thank you. Good afternoon.
We’ve found something. There are fingerprints on the bottle
that could belong to two people. Unfortunately,
neither of them has a file. Lidija l have to tell you something… l’m scared, l can’t breathe… A few nights ago l killed a man. We were plastered and l… We were on our way home and
we bumped into that Gypsy guy… … who attacked me
a few days before… … and l knocked him down
and l started beating him up… and l’d never even
been in a fight… … and then l, l took a concrete
block … and l smashed his head. …and then the blood gushed… l didn’t mean to… l didn’t mean to kill him.
l really didn’t mean to. ”Lidija”.
That’s… l know, that’s the lady cop.
She brought me in once. What’s the matter? l’m turning myself in.
Are you insane bro? Don’t worry,
l won’t mention any of you. But l have to…
Gimme a break! Besides, l’m a minor. lt’s better to turn myself in,
than to let them hunt me down. One day, when everyone finds out
it was you who started the national-socialist revolution…
You won’t have to hide anymore. You took the first step.
You had the guts to do what Relja’s been
dreaming about for ages. Look. The best thing to do is
go talk to that lady cop, and try to find out how
much they actually know… lf they have any evidence
leading to you, then what the fuck… Turn yourself in and sell them
a great story. Do you want some?
No, thanks. Why did you call? ls there anything new? What?
Problems at home, right? Your folks are on to you
because of your new crowd, right? What would your mom say
if you shaved your head? l don’t have a mum… l live with my old man, but he’s not
very well. No one notices, though… That’s why l called.
lt’s just… After that time l was detained…
l didn’t go on record or anything? l don’t want to do that
to my old man. l mean, that’s the last thing
he needs… Don’t be scared. You are not. And be careful talking to the cop. l’ll wait for you
to come out of jail. Then we can start
for real with the racial wars. Just need to take someting. Son, is that a new haircut? Yeah. Well, better that than drugs… Ok, dad… Hey, look, Mein Kampf!
So good! Have you read it?
Not really. Don’t waste your time…
lt’s not very… What the fuck? lt’s our Bible…
Fuhrer himself wrote it… The only smart thing the Fuhrer
ever said was just before he died. When he said that Slavs
are a master race. Let’s prove he was right. Here’s the autopsy report. You’re not gonna read it?
What for? You’ve read it. l’ve read it and l think
it’s serious. l haven’t managed
to identify the corpse. He had no papers, he’s not among
the missing persons… That’s because he’s from the Gypsy
ghetto. Probably no lD either. They killed a child, for fucks sake!
What’s more, on Pufta’s territory. ”Territory”…? Please!
lf Pufta heard you saying that, he’d start trippin’ that
he’s a serious criminal. And cut this crap,
there’s nothing here. How can you be so sure?
Babe, don’t frown so much, ok? Jesus, how can you not give a fuck
about every single case when it comes to having to lift
your big fat ass from that chair? Look, don’t bother me with the
fucking Gypsies, who kill each other over who gets to harass what
car at the traffic lights. Here! Take the file and do whatever you
want with it, l don’t give a shit! Well, thanks, l will.
That’s what l’m being paid for. Babe, you should cut yourself
some slack, you know? Tell me something l don’t know.
No, look, l’m serious, you’re stretching
yourself way too thin you should look after
yourself a bit. That asshole Pufta is selling
Dragosavac to Chechnya. Bro. l’m sorry. l misjudged
you last time, way to go! The song’s awesome! And tonight
we’re making a billboard… ”Pufta you scum,
you’ve sold out the fans”. Yes, except that tonight
we have something big on. Professor Hadzi Tankosic has
invited us to his humanitarian ball for Serbian orphans. Fuck,
that’s a huge honour! You bet! Novica and myself are the delegates.
Hey, just don’t make a mess. Don’t get drunk too quickly.
Act decently! Don’t you worry. Take me with you!
Nope. Tell me, has Darwinism been
removed from schools yet? l assure you, we’re
working on it every day. Good, good. lf they’re
pushing us towards America it should be for things like that. Fuck, half the state
government’s here! Hold on.
See that guy over there? D’you know who that is?
That’s Radomir Zarkovic. He’s the boss of National Security,
Djomla’s dad. Wait… lsn’t he supposed to be in jail?
lt seems he’s made some deal with the new authorities.
But what is a communist doing at the Professor’s ball? Maybe
they know something we don’t. Lads, lads!
You’re right on time! Gentlemen, gentlemen!
Here are two Serbian heroes who, unlike you, are ready to take
some real steps in protecting their race and nation.
And you, professor, you really should start
practicing tolerance. Don’t listen to him, Dragoljub,
we like you just the way you are. Ah, thank you very much!
But, you know what, my friends? You’ll have to excuse me,
l must get back to the guests. l’m leaving you in the company
of these young heroes. Just joking a bit, boys.
See, professor Hadzi Tankosic does sound a bit extreme at times, but actually he is a well
meaning patriot, as we all are. So why don’t you
do something about it? You’re in the government, right? They’re such hypocrites!
l’ll be right back. Young man,
have you got a girlfriend? Sit down, young man, sit down.
You know, our Serbian girls are to blame for the desperate
situation in the country. lnstead of fulfilling their sacred
duty to bear children and raise new heroes, they’ve been
seduced by materialism, and by foul trinkets of vanity, the West
is buying us out with. Yes. But, what do we do with the General
Desnica? They’re putting pressure on us. What shall we do?
We should serve him to the Hague. Well, ok, but it’s just that l’ve
heard he’s talked about suicide. Has he, now? l think it makes sense.
And organise some demonstrations, so that people can break
something, let off some steam. These hooligans ofTankosic’s
could do that. Mongrels. Man, you don’t even have to
pay them. They’re fuckin’ fanatics. Oh, come on, he’s got
more experienced gangs. Does he?
You think he’s fucking them? Novica!
Hey, come on! Promise me one thing:
we’ll never become like them. The old freaks, they don’t give
a shit about ideology. They’d do anything to keep their
asses clean. Enough talking. We have to do something.
Ok, shut up. l won’t shut up. Man, our nation’s falling apart. lf we keep on like this,
we won’t exist anymore. Do nothing. Don’t turn yourself in.
Do nothing. l mean, who is he? What is he?
A street punk. Novica… you’re a maths genius, l think it’s
silly to waste even a minute on him. Let alone years that you’d have to
spend on court and in prison, and trust me,
we are not all equal… Are you even aware
how talented you are? But you must work and develop it.
l can show you everything l know. But professor…
But, what…? What do you want? Do you want
to waste your life because of some plebeic morality concepts, do you?
Novica, where are you going? What happened? Man, l can’t talk
to you now. Sorry. What the hell happened to you? Sorry to disturb the class. Novica?
Are you ok? Hey, teach, l’ve been thinking
a lot about your offer and l’ve decided not to be
your boyfriend. What? l don’t wanna be your boyfriend.
Are you deaf, or what? l mean… l just don’t like you like that.
You’re cool and everything but… l just don’t like you like that.
Novica, calm down. What’s wrong with you?
We can just be friends, right? Well, in fact, we can’t be friends
we just can’t… because you’re a twisted faggot. l accepted your advice, Professor.
l didn’t turn myself in. Novica… What is it Mirko?
l heard you beat up Math teacher in the class and no one
dared tell on you. The whole school’s talking about it.
Yeah l did. The man’s a fag and he got
what he deserved. A fag? Yes. Are you insane?
The man was your idol. Your mentor.
You’ve ruined his career. What’s happened to you?
What happened? Well, what happened, my man, is that
l’ve finally grown up, unlike you. Now l’m in control of my life and
no one can boss me around. For fucks sake, Relja has
brainwashed you big time. And you’ve taken him too seriously.
Don’t you get it, man? He’ll get away
and you’ll take the heat. Mirko, why are you so stupid?
Relja has nothing to do with it. This is my thing.
This is revolution, man. How old are we, man?
Let’s play Warcraft. Let’s… l don’t know, let’s chase some ugly
chicks, man. Fuck the revolution! Yeah, that’s your life! Playing Warcraft, chasing
ugly chicks, smoking weed… You and the likes of you are the
reason this country’s falling apart. Geeks with no national conscience.
What do you know about the nation? You’re not even a Serbian!
Excuse me? What for? Mirko Filipovic.
lsn’t that a Croatian name? Please tell me you’re joking! What?
Where’s your grandpa from, Mirko? He’s your grandpa too, you idiot!
Not that grandpa, the other one. Didnt he slaughter Serbs
in Jasenovac? Didn’t he? Didn’t he, you Ustasi motherfucker! l think l’ve solved the case.
l’m making a full dinner, l don’t know if there’s time.
Oh, come on! So, what have you got?
Well, here it is: the kid was hit with a concrete
block from the building site. So, he was killed by
the construction mafia! Listen to me,
l’m serious. He was hit on the head
and then thrown into the river. Do you have a suspect?
Yes. The kid was one of the Pufta’s
crowd, supporters of FC Radnik… That’s their meeting place,
and Pufta’s club’s nearby. Open that butter for me, will you?
So, who’s the suspect? The Skinheads, right?
No, l’m telling you – Pufta. Pufta killed him.
Here, put it on the table. He took the kid who’s got no lD
from the Gypsy ghetto and made him do all the dirty jobs.
And then something went wrong, so and he’s removing the
evidence now. You’re improvising. Why are you so sure
it wasn’t the Skinheads? Because they’re kids,
a bunch of spoiled brats. They’d never kill anyone
in that way. Set him up on the quay, do him in
and throw him into the river. But, hypotheticaly,
they could have, right? Well, they could have,
but they fucking didn’t! Now we need to garnish this, and now you’re gonna
try my Szechuan duck. Have you lost your mind?
What do you mean? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why are you defending those little Nazi shits? Little morons.
Their grandparents were in concentration camps, and here
they are, flashing swastikas. Even if they didn’t kill this Gyppo,
they’ll kill some other one next time.
And l don’t know that, right? Ok, so, since we’re
setting up a murder, let’s set Pufta up with one, ok?
lt’s bad timing for that. Why? l want him to go down
for something big. And why are you so attached
to the Skinheads? ls it because of the little geek
l’ve asked you to take care of? Why are you so attached to Pufta? Listen, squeeze the Skinheads
a bit, ok? They’re so fuckin’ ugly, they’re scaring people
off the stadium. They’re yelling, they’re swearing.
There’s this new law about hooliganism.
lt’s legal to beat them up now. Look, ok. Why don’t you take Pufta
in first for a bit of questioning and then l’ll see the kids. What’s
Pufta got to do with all of it? Why are you defending the kid?
l’m not. Oh, gimme a break. Maternal instinct’s a bitch, ha? The kid’s making
fool of you big time. And you’re on Pufta’s payroll. My brothers, l’ve found out
Pufta’s got a deal with the cops and they’ll try to fuck us up
tomorrow at the game. Tell us something we don’t know.
This time it’s serious. We’ve started to seriously
bother Pufta. And the cops are screwing us,
as always. So, we’re gonna do
what they least expect. What, man? Ok. Get him!
Get him! Wait, wait, here’s the money!
How much? Wait, how much? Say it,
say it, say how much? Oh, watch it, watch it…
Wait, wait, wait a second! Show some respect for the guys.
Ok, ok, ok! Show some respect for the boy,
some respect! Wha-wha-why are you
so obese, fatty? Hold this. Hit the pig
as soon as we’re out. ”Tonight’s the night,
…tonight Pufta’s fried.” Oh, Jesus, couldn’t you pay
for some better juice, than this Romanian 90 octane crap? Are they teaching you
anything in those schools? Well, Pufta, since you’re a man
who’s taught by experience, we’ll show you what’s actually
taught in schools. Tell me who paid you?
Max, Aca? Look, we know you’ve got
a deal with the cops, and we know you’re planning
to fuck us up at the match. l don’t need the cops for that,
l’ve already fucked you. Check out the big head,
he even looks like me! Lesson Two, Chemistry.
That’s my field! Great! We’ve soaked you in combustible
oil and we’ll set you on fire if you don’t re-instruct the cops.
Listen, my boy, l’ve been screwed by bigger players
than you and never given in… why would l now? Ok, wait,
stop it, wait, stop it, stop it! Ok, gimme the phone, ok. But you know what, we’re gonna
keep you for a little while. Just to see how the game plays out
without your punks and without the cops.
And now- gym class! ”PUFTA, YOU DlRTY GYPSY CUNT, WE’LL FUCK YOUR FAG DAD Lick the floor
you stinking pig! You called?
We need to talk. What is it, buddy? D’you remember when the professor
told us how different we are? Yeah. How l’ll always flunk the fifth
problem. The one with the catch. Well, yes, you know how to apply
the rules, there’s nothing wrong with that, but l have the feeling
the time has come… Son, l’ll kill you sooner or later…
How you gonna do that, fatso? l know these things.
l’ve got a feeling we can avoid all the rules all the cliches.
Fuck Hitler and Ljotic. They’re just idiots who paved
the way for our generation! Dude, this whole Nazism thing…
To be honest, for me it’s just an act, a cool image
to make everyone scared. No, bro, you’ve done a big thing.
You formed the group. Ok, bro, but l was just screwing
around with my buddies every weekend drinking beer, fighting the cops…
But, this has to continue now! We have to take it further.
Look, the police can’t touch us if we stick together.
Of course. So, l can count on you?
Always. You and me, brother. Let me introduce
the Molotov cocktail. Wait a second, what are we
going to do about the sellout of the players? Didn’t we say
we’d graff the billboards? The smoke’s irritating me, and
get rid of that moustache, will you? Look at yourself, we’re not
a fucken hippie commune. Scribbling over billboards is
for children. l think we should take some serious steps now. Real terrorist acts, for instance. Though they’re a lower race, the
Palestinians aren’t stupid at all. We want the public to take us
seriously, maybe even to get us some serious sponsors. lt’s not funny. Relja, you’ve attended
Tankosic’s orgy. You saw the old farts,
you heard them. Politicians need people like us!
Always, in every regime. The clean up will begin
at the Gypsy ghetto, …the source of
the infection and filth. Look, people, enough is enough.
The neighbours have complained, they’ve written petitions,
but the scum won’t give in. This is not a joke.
The cops’ll probably get us and beat the shit out of us.
But once this is over, they’ll all be grateful.
We become heroes… … the people are happy and
the politicians have clean hands. Svarog, print the ghetto
map for everyone. Operation ”Hygiene”
starts at 3:30 am. The darkness is our ally.
Once we’re in the ghetto if you’re attacked, back out
through the narrow alleys. We’ll use that to our advantage.
Like Leonidas with the Spartans. Burn as many cocktails as you have. We’ll meet tonight. Here’s the recipe for
the Molotov cocktail. Serbian brothers,
remember this day! This is the beginning
of the third Serbian uprising! Long live Great Serbia!
Serbia for the Serbs! Where do you think you’re going? Off to kill gypsies
with your new boyfriend? Novica’s actually doing what you’ve
just been babbling about for years. And you think that’s smart? l want everything erased.
Wanna trade? l want to get out.
Who’s the leader now? Everything has it’s price. ”Why are you so attached
to the Skinheads?” ”ls it because of the little geek
l asked you to take care of?” ”Why are you so attached to Pufta?” ”l haven’t got a mum.” ”Those are my first
hooligans, you know!” ”lt’s easy with hooligans. Just
beat them up!”. ”Yeah, right.” l found out who killed the little
Gypo. See you tomorrow. Where’s the rest of the gang?
They’re waiting near the crane. Then we’re off to the game.
Hide that chain, will you? Put the clubs away, let’s not
draw attention to ourselves! What? Aren’t we fighting
Pufta’s guys? Not fighting, bro. We’re gonna fuck them so hard
they won’t even be able to watch match on TV.
Awesome! God, kids, what the hell
you think you’re doing? Don’t you get it? This is all about
club takeovers, cash, the… stadium, city sub divisions.
Pufta’s irrelevant. You fuck me over and
someone else takes my place. You can’t change a thing.
Tell me, who killed the kid? Sit down. Look, l was playing
tough back in the day… A bit for the crew,
a bit for the chicks… But, l got serious.
l realized… the nineties aren’t
gonna last forever… What are you doing with
this kid? He is a fanatic. He’s fucked up.
Kid’s gonna burn out. Go on, read a bit, go on. l’ll kill him. No, you won’t.
You had your chance, and you didn’t match the prints
Now the boy’s mine. We have to get him right away.
Nope. The kid stays on the street. He’s one hell of a player. l mean, look, it took him a month
to take over Relja’s gang. Didn’t you say there’ll be no cops? Novica led the attack
on the Gypsy ghetto. No retreat, no surrender,
Serbia for Serbs! Fuck Serbia! l mean, doesn’t Pufta want you
to wipe out the Skinheads? Don’t be silly… Who’s Pufta gonna fight with,
if l take all the Skins in? Who’s gonna keep up
that ecological balance? So, hang on, you would take
the cash from him in any case, …it’s just easier when the Skins
are around messing things up for him, is that right?
Your words not mine. Man, you’re worse than
people’s opinions of us. Gimme a break.
People’s opinions? People should be happy that we’re
keeping the gangs under control. Can you imagine it otherwise?
This stays between us, of course. l mean, not a word to Pufta. How can you sleep at night?
What do you want? What is your problem? l’ve let you be a detective… …and you’ve ended up playing
a fucking social worker to this little punk who’s been
screwing you all the time. So, what do you want now,
what don’t you understand? You’re right. l guess there’s no
other way you can do this job. Lidija. Here’s the confirmation that you
were never convicted in Serbia. Where are you off to?
America, Miami. Miami, you’re shitting me.
”Miami Vice”. l loved that show
when l was a young pig. Why are you going there? You wanna kill some blacks
over there, right? l got a scholarship.
l won a maths competition and got a scholarship.
l heard that Novica… …is also good at maths. But, he seems to have miscalculated
something, you know… No idea how he thinks
this will end, hm? Listen, you cunt,
from now on my gang will… Your gang? Your gang what?
ls this your gang? This?
This little snitch? Your gang…
These guys here, with four teeth and four years
of elementary school. Who kick children in the head
with their boots? What ”gang”? Do you know what this is? lt’s evidence… …which proves you killed that
innocent Gypsy, my son. And like, you give a fuck
about the Gypsies? The boy studied
architecture in Austria. Oh, cut the crap, he was
some street scum… Street scum? Great!
He came to see his grandparents… …bring them some gifts. His parents have university degrees
too. They live in Vienna. Look, here he is. See? Just like you. With a bit of a tan. What? Now it’s not so ok
you killed him, right? You thought he was just another
Gyppo from the ghetto… Now you’re fucked, right? How much do you want?
l’m not doing this for the money you fuckin’ brat! The evidence stays in the box. lf you remain the leader
of the supporters. Clear? Clear. What ever you do,
wherever you go, who ever you fight with,
l have to know. And what ever l say,
you have to do it. See?
Nice doing business with you. We talk about what
these kids have done, but they have merely been
repeating what they have seen done before their eyes, done to their
own country, by the Americans for instance. Naturally, l’m
against all kinds of extremism… But, this lady’s NGO extremism,
is far more dangerous than these kids on the streets… l think that these young men
are the children of Milosevic and yourself, professor. The children of your monstrous
ideology, the product of you, who have been destroying
this country for years… And now that you have finally
done it, you’re telling us that you were right all along.
Mr. Hadzi Tankosic… l need your help. Everything’s gonna be alright.
Yes, professor. Mr. Zarkovic called… l knew you would understand,
as a true patriot. lt’s good, you know, when these
incidents can be redirected towards something good. Naturally, the kid mustn’t
just feel he’s being blackmailed. We’ve got a chance
to give him purpose… …a higher meaning… Look that you clean them up a bit… …wash them, for Christ’s sake.
And please… take those swastikas away… After all, they’re working for
the state now. Aren’t they? Yes, many of them are minors,
but don’t be fooled, they’re not children.
There’s a limit, and once that line is crossed,
l believe that no excuses are valid, no stories about tough childhood,
poverty and misunderstanding. That limit is approached by
a misunderstood and unhappy child, but it’s crossed by an evil person. lf l could do it all over again… … but you can’t… …you mess up a single minus and…
The whole calculation goes to hell. That’s the whole catch.
No second chance. DEDlCATED TO THE VlCTlMS

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