It’s time to turn to natural ingredients
that are sure to restore the glow to your face! So now you no longer have to cover up dull,
flat skin with expensive makeup products. What better way to make sure your face lights
up than saying a big hello to hydration! A sheet mask traps moisture on top of your
skin to help it absorb every drop! Mix together a magic potion of 2 tbsp of pure
glycerin, 2 tbsp of brewed chamomile tea and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Glycerin is our favourite hydrating agent,
while chamomile calms dry patches of skin and lavender soothes irritation. Soak a compressed cotton sheet mask in this rich serum and let it sit on your face for 15-20 minutes to get the ultimate
drink of moisture. Glycerine helps pull water from the environment
into your skin keeping it moisturised and healthy making it the perfect ingredient to
bring life back to your face! Incorporate it into your routine with a cleanser
like the Pears Pure & Gentle Bathing Bar. It’s paraben free formula is enriched with
glycerin as well as natural oils, helping it gently cleanse your face while still keeping
it hydrated, for a lit from within glow! A facial steam helps get deep into your pores
to cleanse them of dirt and boosts blood circulation to give you that no makeup flush you’ve
always dreamed of! And the best part is you can make your own
totally natural, herbal steam right from your home. Just fill a bowl with steaming hot water and
sprinkle in rose petals to soothe and hydrate your skin along with lemon peels to energise
and brighten it. Hold your face about 8 inches from the water
and drape a towel over to trap the steam. Now breathe in deeply allowing
it to work its magic on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Replace your foundation and BB creams with
just a few cubes of ice that will tighten your skin and blur your pores making you look
flawless. Mix some aloe vera gel with rose water and
dried rose petals. The aloe vera hydrates and soothes redness
while the rose water depuffs your skin! Freeze this mixture until it becomes solid. Rub these cubes over your face focusing on
your under eyes, forehead and cheeks for a completely natural anti ageing solution that will make you look like you’re wearing an Instagram filter! Fruits like pineapples and papayas are full
of enzymes that chemically exfoliate your skin revealing a brighter, smoother complexion
and can transform your face. Blend 1 slice of a ripe papaya with a scoop
of creamy yogurt and 2 tsp of honey. The enzymes in the papaya will dissolve impurities
and dead cells under your skin while the yogurt tones your face and honey nourishes and hydrates
it. Layer it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse
off to see a noticeable difference! Try these all natural methods and enjoy that instant glow that lasts all day! Until next time, stay tuned and stay GLAMRS.

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