Hey guys Maryam here, welcome to my channel
and welcome to the first foundation review video of 2020. In today’s video I am going
to be reviewing and wear testing Maybelline’s new Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation.
Now, when we hear about hydrating foundation we generally associate them with being better
for people with dry skin, however I am an oily skin girl and just because I am oily
does not mean that my skin does not need hydration. In fact, certain hydrating foundations actually
tend to improve the texture of oily skin which goes hand in hand with pores, for me I am
a fan of certain hydrating foundations which is why I am so excited about this one. Maybellines
foundations are some of my favorite from the drug store, I have really high hopes and high
expectations for this one, I hope I love it but wait until the wear test, make sure you
watch this video in its entirety for that team truth style verdict. Long intro for this
video but these are facts that need to be stated, here we go. Remember to subscribe
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hit it Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid, team truth is coming for you, are you oily skin
friendly or are you only hydrating for the dry skin types. Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid, here is the
PR package pretty massive, 20 shades this is the shade range right here, lots of very
light shades, some mediums and some deeper tones but I would say the concentration is
definitely on the lighter spectrum which is the top row. Some facts about this foundation,
$12.99 at Ulta but I saw that you can get it for a little bit cheaper at Walmart and
at a couple of other retailers, basically this is a drug store foundation that you could
pretty much find anywhere where Maybelline is sold, 12 hours of hydration, light weight
medium coverage, this foundation is formulated with hyaluronic acid and collagen so it’s
supposed to visibly plump the look of your skin giving you 12 hours of hydration, this
is supposed to be a light weight medium coverage radiant natural glow type of finish foundation.
And that’s it, those are all the facts that I have. I am already wearing foundation on
my face right now, not the Maybelline one actually the Charlotte Tilbury, I do have
a review on that foundation, I love that one so much sadly I gotta remove it, I’m such
a mess today you guys, I don’t even think I brushed my hair but I did go to brunch and
I did have some Bloody Marys. And I also did just take a glorious nap on the couch with
Hero, we were so cute I might even include a pic up here. I’m so pleased with myself this week, my skin
you guys these are actually really, really good, so happy. Gotta knock on that wood,
alrighty, alrighty let’s test some shades, I’m thinking I’m somewhere in the middle medium
spectrum, it looks like this shade here, this shade here and this shade here are on the
warmer side, so those are the 3 that I am gonna pick up off the bat to test out. Shade
#40 nude, shade #60 sandy beige and shade #75 natural beige, cool this has a very convenient
pump. Alright so here we have shade #40 to me this is not very warm at all, it’s looking
very peachy neutral, not enough yellow in it for my preference but if you blend it out
it’s actually not so bad because it is supposed to be a medium coverage. Here comes 60, 60
I think is like the perfect match, oh that just blended into my skin like butter, like
perfection I can’t even see where my skin begins and where this foundation starts I
don’t even think I need to go for 75, but just for giggles let’s go for 75. Seventy-five (75) is actually also very, very
good, this one probably matches my neck a little bit better but given the fact that
it’s the winter time right now I think my best bet is to go for 60 sandy beige, did
I just jinx myself and is that a giant forming pimple animal, just not happy. Time for some
thumb nail faces (click, click, click, click) I’m gonna go ahead and wipe all that off.
Alright I am ready to apply this foundation to my face, first and foremost I am going
to use my Maybelline master prime by Face Studio primer, I really like this one, it’s
grippy, it’s hydrating, yet it’s also matifying, it’s also smoothing. I am ready for you Dream
Radiant liquid shade 60, sandy beige. This foundation you could apply with your fingertips
with a sponge or with a brush, I am gonna do some drippy drips like I am on the gram,
then I am gonna use my It Cosmetics complexion perfection #7 brush that I love so much and
I am gonna see how this foundation glides across my skin surface. Really easily and
effortlessly actually, so I think the brush was a good bet. Now if you guys watch my videos regularly
you already know that I am an oily skin gal but just because I am an oily skin type does
not mean that I don’t need hydration in my foundation, in fact there are certain hydrating
foundations that I prefer to matte foundations, one of them being the Fenty foundation. And
I will say certain foundations like the Fenty and I’m also gonna go ahead and include Maybelline’s
matte and pore less in this category, some matte foundations are just a little too matte.
And given the fact that oily skin goes hand in hand with pores, sometimes these mattifying
foundations tend to emphasize the pores which is a no, no, it’s a no go for me. And it is
true that some of these hydrating foundations, especially the ones that are formulated with
hyaluronic acid and things like collagen do tend to smooth out the texture of your skin
or at least visibly smooth out the skin surface. So if you have pores and if you are a normal
skin type then you will probably really like this foundation finish. I don’t really see
it smoothing my skin, but my skin is actually on the good side right now so it doesn’t really
need to be smooth but let’s see if I apply another layer, let’s see if I make it thicker. The coverage as you can see is pretty good,
it is medium it didn’t cover up any of my freckles over here but I also did sheer it
out, so let’s see what happens if I add just one more drop and try to cover up this animal
over here. Gonna use stippling strokes for the second coat and I gotta say off the bat
I am really liking what I am seeing. This foundation does look and feel very, very dewy
it does have a very subtle fresh scent, I feel like it glides on easily it doesn’t look
cakey whatsoever, I do find that the shade 60 is a little too off on my forehead, maybe
I just want it to be off so that I can add this shade 75 and use as a contour. I do that
a lot actually I will use 2 different shades of foundation, one on the centre of my face
to highlight the centre and one on the perimeter, darker shade obviously to do a natural contour.
I will also stipple that right along my cheek bones and underneath my jawline, I have a
little damp sponge here and I’m gonna just press this product in, with the sponge this
foundation feels a little bit stickier, almost like I’m pressing and removing some.
Alright so I am gonna finish up the rest of my face, I’m gonna go very quickly, add my
Benefit Boi-ing concealer as I do normally, blend that out press that concealer in, remove
some cat hair from my eye. For my powder Maybelline Master fix, love this one fave drug store
powder. I’m gonna dip my sponge because I am so lazy today, I don’t even want to use
tools but I still wanna do a good job on my make-up. Ohh who told me I should bake today,
who allowed me in the kitchen, I don’t know I just feel like with a hydrating formula
I need a little bit of extra powder because I already feel this foundation separating
from my skin. Not that its lifting, not that it’s feeling funky but it definitely feels
like I am wearing something on my skin, I wouldn’t call this a light weight formula.
Maybe it’s because I put on 2 layers and I really didn’t need 2 layers. Alright I am gonna use my Charlotte Tilbury
airbrush flawless finish skin perfecting micro powder, gonna set my forehead, very, very
gently. Set the rest of my face, gonna dust of that baking powder, I’m gonna set more
powder into place, oh my God this feels so extremely sticky, you could probably hear
it if I lift up, did you hear that, this foundation is extremely non setting, even with all the
powder on my face, wait a minute I am perplexed. This can’t be good, this is probably why it
feels like I am wearing a mask on my face, man I really wanna like this foundation because
I really like the coverage and I really love the way that it felt when I first applied
it, then the moment that I applied that second layer, I don’t know something just switched.
Hhhmm still not ruling it out, I still have to do that wear test obviously, and I still
have to set the rest of my face. Bronze up real quick, gonna add some blush, maybe some
highlighter, re-line those lippies and I think I’m ready to observe my face. From a distance looking at myself in the mirror,
looking at myself in the monitor, my skin looks really, really decent it looks flawless,
I especially love the color of the foundation, the shade #60 is my perfect match, it’s
not too yellow, it’s not too green, it’s not too cool, it’s not too warm, it’s the
perfect undertone and I am just so, so into that. That is actually the thing that I was
the most impressed with off the bat as well as the first layer of coverage. I really liked
how the foundation felt, I liked how it looked but then the moment that I applied the second
layer I feel like things got a little tricky, my face started feeling sticky, my face started
feeling like I am wearing more make-up than I actually am but all in all it looks really
good, it looks really good from up close, it’s not emphasizing any pores I really loved
this very fresh, very natural radiant dewy finish, very youthful, very everyday not too
intimidating, not too much of a cake face, first impression really good but also a little
confused. Now let’s see how it wears and let’s cue in
some time warping music because the real verdict comes after 8 hours of wearing, hit it. Hey
guys it is now the next day after the previous section that I just filmed reviewing the new
Maybelline Dream Radiant liquid foundation and the reason why I am filming it a second
day is because simply put the 2 layers felt absolutely disgusting on my skin and I had
to remove it the minute that I was done filming it just felt sticky, it felt hot, it felt
like I was wearing a mask, it felt very balmy on the skin, it was just not working for me
although it looked beautiful, it didn’t feel beautiful and it definitely did not feel light
weight. The very next day, today I applied the same foundation Dream Radiant Liquid in
the shade 60 on top of my primer as I did yesterday. I set it with the same powders,
applied the same bronzer, the same highlighter and blush and I went about my day. This is what my skin is looking like at this
point, almost 9 hours after I applied it, in this instance I only applied 1 layer and
I set it very lightly and I have to say I am loving this foundation. First of all I
am obsessed with the fact that this matches me so well, number 60 sandy beige is probably
my closest match in terms of matching my actual skin tone, my true winter shade. It wasn’t
too yellow, it wasn’t too green, it was just right and it made me feel really good. I think
the coverage is a true medium coverage, it is not a build-able foundation by no means,
one layer of this foundation is exactly what you get and it is what you sign up for. This
one layer with my current good skin day situation is a win, I don’t know how this would wear
on the day where I am breaking out or if I am having rough texture but today the way
that I applied it, it’s worn beautifully I would say this is a really nice foundation
for everyday for those of you who are either normal or dry or even oily. As you can tell
my oils are not really seeping through, I’m not looking like an oil slick honestly it’s
delivered. So for $12 I absolutely recommend this foundation, Maybelline you did it again
I am a fan. My video has come to an end, please check
out some of my other videos right there because I put them there for a reason so you can click
on them and watch the next one, okay bye guys, muah!!

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