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Hi Guys, it’s Lojak Welcome in next movie Today we will fly with the smallest Viking “brother” size 16 Dudek V-King – new mono skin wing You can fly with this wing paragliding, paramotoring and also with light trike Today the weather we can say is good … It’s little winy now but it’s going down harness and wing are ready so I will put my camera on my helmet and we can start So, now you can see risers of V-King which are ultra thin very thin short speedbar as you can see brakes handles you can put on magnets in all positions without any problems but if you want to take them from the magnets then you have to pull them down almost no wind now without hands i will try to run with tail wind (360) can be like with Dudek Run&Fly body steering left body steering right brake lines are little too long handles – they can go in the propeller it depends on the cage but you have to be careful in this matter and one more thing that this break handle you can’t take to the back you can only take it by pulling it down it’s working fine landing without wing as you can see on bowflag Hi Guys again when I was editing the movie with V-King I decided that I wasn’t able to say all the things at the airfield and in the air that’s why I’m recording this last scene in the hotel when I edit this movie because there are a few things that will interest you and I didn’t say about them FIRST: a few people asked me for who is this wing I can recommend them for a new pilot and a pilot who is already flying if you are a person who is just starting to fly I think this light version will not be a good choice this red V-King I flew weighs 1.91 kg and this is one of the lighter wings that I flew if you start flying a lot you train ground handling and several dozen hours spent on ground handling is not good for the light version of this wing because frequent contact with grass, stones, sticks of light material affects its faster wear that’s why I recommend the second version of V-King for you and a wing made of normal material like other wings – the factory offends this version I will prepare a second movie for you because I had the opportunity to fly this version of V-King For pilots who are already flying such a V-King that weighs 1.91 kg is a great option to take him to the backpack with a light harness and a light parachute and helmet you go to the mountains and you can fly later I know that the Run & Fly wing in size 16 weighs is
almost half less because less than 1 kg but the V-King, which weighs 1.91 kg, will definitely give you a lot of fun this wing is definitely for beginner and advanced pilots because flying on it is simple and safe the brakes work very well very easy takeoff and landing is also a plus of this wing even if you land without wind The speed of this wing is about 40 km / h without using a speedbar and even if you want to land without the wind, you can easily handle it I’m talking about it because I checked the landing with the engine off One thing I don’t like right now it’s a bit too long brake lines that can get in the cage but this topic was discussed with Piotr Dudek – constructor, soon there will probably be a solution. The current setting is optimal for paragliding and paramotoring When I watch movies or fly I see nonstop how pilots do not put away handles the magnet holders sometimes it even happens to me but my competition wings have tight set and it is not possible for the brake handle to get caught in the cage on a V-King with long braking lines, the handles can get into the propeller, you have to be careful about that I encourage everyone and recommend, no matter what wing you fly but put the brakes on the magnet holders another new issue is the new magnetic holders are very cool because you can put the brakes on the handle in any position and remove it only by pulling down that’s all about steering but I there is one case, pulley in the line which you can see in the movie now when we start pulling the break, it passes through this block, at the beginning of the loose and later when it passes then the wing turns much better another issue that may interest you is warming up the engine before take-off with a very light wing because we had a situation with our prototype when the wing got in the propeller maybe it will be better as you see yourself so next time you want to fly a V-King or other light wings reverse take-off is ok but warm up your engine before connecting the wing when you intend to classic take off position because when you have the wing in the back and you press the throttle, the air movement can take your light lines in the cage and into the propeller I warn you about this and try not to make that mistake If we are talking about light wings if there is a stronger wind, don’t spread these wings normally, don’t open them like normal wings because the wind will take it away put them on the ground, pull on the risers before connecting to the harness and it will open without any problems because is very light you saw in the movie what happens when I tried to insert the collaps even if you do front stall, it will open very quickly in the movie I also showed how this wing behaves when we cross the turbulent air from our propeller making a 360 degree turn the wing jumped overhead but did not collapse If you’re going to buy a V-King wing, don’t buy a to small size for yourself not to outweigh it overweight wings fly faster but also wear out much faster if you want to fly it longer, it’s worth buying a wing in the middle or lower takeoff weight in the lower take-off weight the wing will fly better thermal the idea of creating this type of wing was this that we travel more and more and want to fly in new places we also want this equipment to be also getting lighter and the V-King wing is a great resolution if you have a lightweight paramotor and you want to travel with him and see the area from the air this V-King it very simple, simple takeoff and landing will be a great choice in combination with a light paramotor This wing will also be fun to fly in the mountains without paramotor if you want to fly a thermal or just fly down If you have any questions about V-King you can write them in the comments or by sending a private message I also invite you to follow me on my social media IG, YT and FB Soon I will show you the second movie with V-King school version Have a nice day or have a good night I don’t know when you will watch this movie BUT FLY SAFE!
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