Macna Voltage One Piece Leather Suit Review

hey I’m gonna I’m bill I’m with cali
Moto TV welcome back to the channel and welcome to a review that you guys
have been asking for of my Magnus suit and gloves
now the Magnus suit I had to actually bring in from Europe there is no US
distributors for Magna so we thought what better way to do a review than an
exclusive nyan bog not only day here at Thunderhill it’s kind of ridiculous but
it’s been an absolutely gorgeous day and we’re gonna be on the BMW later today
and showing you guys a little bit more about the suit on bike but I wanted to
show you guys off bike some of the benefits of this Magnus suit it is the
Magna voltage suit and I got it off of FC moto de will link all the description
down below but one of the nice things is if you look at the elbow in the
protection of the elbow and in the depth of the elbow very very nice straight off
of the rack this thing bit absolutely perfect the leather the feel of the
leather the little bit of that stretch of the leather is just an amazing fuel
and like I said straight off of the rack this thing fit me perfect elbow sliders
very nice shoulder sliders and shoulder protection is very thick and very big
some of the corrugation you can see on the sides here as I stretch on the bike
it gives me a little bit of that stretch so when we’re going side to side on the
bike and then the back is I’m tucked down and stretched it gives me this
stretch back here I wear over the leather boots so they fit very very well
for the over the leather boot so they fit nice I’ve replaced the knee pucks
with a asphalt lean gas leather knee puck sliders which is a preference to me
but a nice big area for you to put whatever sliders you like to run on your
on your leathers the gloves the gloves are nearly perfect and I’m going to show
you a little benefit of the glove when we get on the bike but the only
complaint that I would say of the whole getup is these two fingers are a little
bit long but these are perfect they fit very very nice knuckle carbon-fiber
knuckles so all in all the Magnus suit is absolutely beautiful the fit
the v-neck very nice it doesn’t rub it’s just everything about this suit is 100%
and you can’t beat the price I think I’m almost 650 maybe $700 for gloves
leathers shipped to the US and the fit was absolutely perfect now I went on
their website I went on Mac News website and I followed and measured off of their
website and I wouldn’t have ever thought that I needed well 6 to 207 pounds a 3
XL but Europe sizes are we don’t have been with big guys like us over in
Europe so a 3 XL mm what I did was I just basically measured myself went to
their chart figured it out and it fit absolutely perfect everything fit
perfect right off the rack so let’s get on the BMW
let’s show you some on truck footage of the of the leathers moving around and
hopefully you guys enjoy it alright guys so the Magnus suit I
absolutely love it we’ve been out here at Thunderhill all day and I love this
suit it’s just the fit the the movability on it is is so great if you
guys are interested in this suit make sure you take a look at the link down
below we’ve linked everything in the description below if you guys don’t like
this particular suit MO FC moto dot de is an amazing place to save some money
but I will tell you we’ve ordered some stuff off there and things haven’t fit
and returning it isn’t quite that easy so make sure that you’re 1000% but if
you are and you order the right size you’re absolutely gonna love it so the
gloves so you guys can see the gloves I love them but one thing I wanted to show
you real quick was this the angle at which this one comes in at if you see
it’s kind of angled so when you tighten this it actually pulls the glove onto
your hand more so hopefully you guys can see how that’s angled most of them are
angled kind of a straight across but this one has got that slight angle to it
and they fit real nice and snug over the the sleeves and you can see very nice
poems like I said the only complaint that I have is a little bit of size
issue use in 1 2 3 fingers but realistically
once I get my thumb down there it kind of gives me some good you know room but
these these fingers definitely do have a little bit more room in them but very
very nice gloves very good standing up very well so let’s get on track and
let’s see how these things how it looks for you guys so Thunder Hills all ours
bogging is done for the day it’s been just an amazing day it heated
up to about 81 degrees and so but it’s cooling off right now and
there’s a very nice little breeze so I’m loving it so we’re gonna get out and get
the tires warmed up just a teeny bit oh yeah
so the suits very nice it’s very workable it’s very loose you know it’s
not loose on me the fit isn’t loose it’s it is a very nice tight fit but with the
the elastic bands on the back and stuff like that it really gives me that
ability to move around so when you guys are looking at suits don’t feel like
you’re ridiculous especially if you’re in a store don’t feel ridiculous to put
on a suit and go out to your motorcycle and move around on that thing
because I’ve been on I’ve had suits where they just didn’t it just didn’t
work for me they and I bought them and I’m committed to it and I get on the
bike and I just it just didn’t move around well for me I’ve also bought in
suits that were just too big for me remember when you’re buying the suit you
always want to try to get a snug but a movie fit you want to be able to move in your soup
okay right you want to get it tight to your fit
because if you do go down you don’t want anything loose to be able to drag on the
asphalt or the concrete or whatever wherever service you’re on so you want to make sure the fit is snug
but you want to be able to move side-to-side you don’t want the
shoulders to be restraining you at all you don’t want the the waist especially
because you’re moving your waist around side to side so you need to be able to
move around nice and free one of the things we didn’t talk about
is the material in kind of a groin area it’s a it’s not a leather material it’s
like a neoprene material so it allows my the groin area to kind of stretch around
which is very nice down the street so we’re going to be able to get off the
bike get our shoulder downs right our knee get on get our elbow down get
everything nice and ankle so you can get off the bike and and be riding on the
meat of the tires remember that’s our goal in all of this is lenient 101 don’t take the bike with you
guys keep the bike upright more right on the meat of the tires so you
want to be able to make sure that you’ve got enough flexibility in your suit to
be able to do so so that’s a huge important thing in the vid
and like I said they FC moto we’ve ordered some stuff
off there and if you’re not precise on the size they were nice and everyone get off this
bike if you’re not as precise on the fit
getting stuff back to FC moto is a teeny bit of a challenge make sure you guys get everything fitted
right and then get that ordered up because you’re gonna save a little bit
of money shipping is pretty quick takes about a week sometimes if they don’t
have it necessarily in their warehouse it might take another if I take an extra
week I think this suit I think the Soudan order from there the
the manufacturer so it took about two weeks to get this but partners excellent
suit would they have in stock and it was here like tomorrow last time down the street for the day yeah baby what a day what a day again we’re up on the meat of the tires
we leaned all the way over but we’re up on the meat of the tyres so we’ve got
better traction so flexibility baby flexibility
Oh I’m gonna take it down and wind down a
teeny bid I hope you guys enjoyed this little video about the macula shoot a
lot of you guys have asked about it and I love it it’s it’s like I said it’s
probably the best fitting suit that I’ve ever bought
straight off the shelf I mean even the custom suits I bought in three custom
suits from the Pakistani people for the same price and the fits been flipping
horrible so get your size get your size measurements
if you guys are looking for specifically for the Mac now head over to the Mac now
website and they have an absolutely incredible fitting chart and like I said
you know this is a three XL which I would have never liked I would have
bought like at Mouse 2 XL which would have been too tight so European sizing
is a little bit they run a little bit different than the u.s. sizings
obviously but check out the match no website check
out FC moto calm and any guy’s gonna save a little bit of
money so like I said I hope you guys enjoyed this review
I hope you guys enjoy the ride this is the final truck video of the year but
we’ve got we’ve shot a couple we’ve shot a couple different videos today so if
you guys are still here with us thank you make sure you hit that subscribe
button and of course smash that like button down on the world and comment
what suit are you wearing where did you get it
have you guys ordered anything off at FC moto what’s your guys experience do you
guys have macro suits do you guys love this suit I haven’t had any problems
with it but I’d like to see you know I kind of on a positive note keep it
positive give me a comment down below if you guys have had some problems so
customers can can keep an eye out for these kind of things if other customers
are looking to buy them so thank you guys I appreciate you guys run
along with me on the map in the suit I absolutely love it
two thumbs up thank you thank you guys till next video we’ll see you then bye

1 thought on “Macna Voltage One Piece Leather Suit Review

  • Great review Bill. Looks like a good bang for the buck suit and the fact that it fit ya right of the rack is awesome. 

    I purchased a RST Track Evo suit through STG. This is my first suit. Level II CE armor in the shoulders, elbows, hips and even the back. Level I CE armor in the knee shin. Has hard TPU sliders on the shoulder and knee area and pucks on the knee and elbow. Caught it on sale for 599.00 US.

    I'm not a big guy 5'9" 185 lbs . Not a body builder but have always been thick through chest, shoulders and arms. I ordered a 46 US and I must say the suit fits great. Easy to move around and being perforated it flows air well which is big time important for the heat and humidity we get in the Deep South during the summer. I have but some road miles on it and I consider it broken in. I removed the standard back armor and use a stand alone unit.

    Now the bad. Was two weeks away from taking my first track day school ( only been riding a little over 2 years, started at 57 yoa ) when I was involved in a cager crash. I was rear ended will I was sitting at a stoplight and my back is jacked. Seeing a ortho surgeon tomorrow. Had to push my track day school back to the end of Jan. Hope I can get away with non surgical treatment and physical therapy.

    As always I enjoy your vlogs. Take care, ride safe!

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