How To Wear Neutral Eye Makeup For Dusky Skin Tone | Makeup Basics With Pallavi Symons

Now, I’m going to get on with the eye makeup. Again, keeping it really simple, we’re focussing mainly on neutrals. So, it’s an easy to repeat look for anybody of this skin colouring. Just grooming the eyebrows. By neutrals I mean, I’m not going to go in heavy with colour. I’m going to use colours that are pretty close to the skin tone. So a few reds, peaches but not like stark. They’ll be a mix of colours that are very skin-like. I’m going to just start with doing a light base on the eyes, on both the eyes. Now you could work with your bronzer if you please. Just to create the shadows again to make it look very neutral and natural. So I’ll show you how you can do that. Using the same eyeshadow brush, the rounded one apply a little bit of the bronzing shade on the corner of your eyes, going in. Again, here what you’re doing is, brightening the eyelid and giving the shadows that the eye naturally has. So I’m just bringing the shadows back. Well you could go much deeper with the bronzing shade that you have or you can indeed start using deeper brown eyeshadows, if you want to create a little more depth and drama. So I’m using a small amount of a darker brown eyeshadow just here, so I increase the depth of the crease. Although I make sure to retain the freshness in the centre of the eyelid So I’m not going to make too many harsh lines, no strong eyeliner, none of that. I’m going to keep it largely, natural. So I’m using a touch of the brown eyeshadow, as before. Again, no making lines, I’m following the contour of the curve of her eye at the bottom, just to add a little bit of depth. So what this does is, it breaks the brightness that’s coming from the concealer at the eye line. So I’m just bringing back the shadow without making it dull. That’s the point of using this brown. Not very evident, I’m using a blending brush, a small eyeshadow blending brush to do this. Well I’m not going to do a strong eyeliner, like I said, keeping the look very fresh and natural. I’m using a brown eyeliner, really close to the lash line on top. So as you can see, I’ve just added the shadows and highlights as the face naturally looks as they appear naturally on the face. Not really creating any shapes or drama or any length of extensive makeup. So now just for the blush, I’m going to go in with a really skin-toned but with a hint of pink blush. So there you go, a really soft pink blush! And it looks fantastic on her. It actually brings out the brightness of her face. So all that I’m just going to do is a small light coat of mascara.

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