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Hey guys so this time I decided to make a
Pizza Peel Or some times it’s called a bakers peel And it really was a pretty fun project I did
it In a weekend and it’s not real expensive so
if your Looking for a nice quick easy project to work
on A bakers peel or pizza peel is a pretty good
project I don’t know maybe in retrospect I would have
rounded Over the handle it just feels a little blocky
to me But if you want to check out my site at You can see more pictures and info on what
I did To make this and here is the video for how
I made this So when it came to the milling part of this
project I don’t own a thickness planner or if I did
I certainly Would have used that versus a bench top planer
or jointer But you can certainly get stock down to the
size you need I started off with 3 quater inch stock and
after several passes I got it down to a 3 eighths inch stock
and for the rough Cuts really there’s 3 main boards that you
have You have your 2 outer boards and then you
have your Center one and they’ll actually be edge joined
together Glued up so here I am doing some pretty standard Cross cuts and I made sure that i slid my
rip Fence out before I did my cross cuts I’ve
think I’ve certainlyg otten a little bit better
at taking My time when it comes to cross cuts and here
I am just cutting Everything down to the right width heres the
handle That I made and I made this out of walnut
again Just a pretty standard cross cut to get that
to size And I did cut that at a 45 degree angle sort
of shortened The video there so you didn’t havt to watch
me crank the Blade over to the side when it came to the
glue Up part of it and the assembly I attached
some wax paper To my work bench so that any glue that kind
of squeezed Out wouldn’t make a mess on my work bench
and wouldn’t Damage the surface of the board by attaching
itself I did use an exterior rated glue or water
proof glue And I think that’s when you’re dealing with
food and stuff That’s going to get wet you need to do that So actually I got this new little tool it’s
a glue Stick or applicator from Rockler and my wife
picked It up for me as a just because I guess and
it’s kind Of a neat little tool if you haven’t checked
it out From rockler it goes on and material is made
out of a It’s almost like a rubber like or polyurethane
or something But when the glue harden on the stick it just
peels Right off and it looks just like a honey comb
it’s Definitely a lot nicer than some of the bristle
brushes That I’ve used the kind of throw away ones
that they have Seems like there always kind of falling apart
on me And I’m picking the bristles out of the glue So this worked pretty well actually I was Impressed this was the first time I’ve really
used it Here I am I’m getting set up to clamp Everything down and the sides were a little
tricky Because they kind of wanted to bow up I don’t Think I did a very good job in the video of
showing That I clamp the sides down I probably should Have clamped those first I guess well okay
I take That back theres a video of little bit of
how I Clamped that down so that I get a tight clamp Around that and you really do need a tight
since This is all glue you’ll want to spend a little Bit time on the glue up to make sure you got
that Right and here I’m using this is really one
of my Favorite tool when it comes to marking corners
and edges I’ve got it on my website at
there’s A link there at the bottom of the entry that
talks About this jig and it really handy it seems
a little Silly when I first purchased it I thought
oh gosh Am I really going to spend this on it but
I Tell you I use it all the time so it’s a Handy little jig I kind of debated back and Forth a little bit on whether to do a corner On the back part of it I thought about just
doing A straight slope ultimately I ended up with
a Round corner on the back So now I’m actually doing the same thing on
the handle Portion of this as well I decided a rounded
corner And I think in hind sight I would have rather
kind Of rounded over the handle and you’ll see
the walnut Stock gets set on top of this here in a minute And I did the same thing I round that over
as well In hind sight I probably should have rounded
that over As well I thought about it but after I had
already Glued it and everything was kind of done it
really Would have been a pain to try and go back
and Round that over I think if I make another One of these I may do that in the future Here again I just glued it up I used a Water proof glue and it held really well Here
I Am using my new little glue stick from Rockler And here I am I’m getting ready to clamp up
the Handle part of this I started to use a scrap
piece of Wood there but decided not too the walnut
was thick enough And the thickness of the clamps I was using
it didn’t Do any damage to the piece and I did let this
set For at least gosh a good 6 hours So after
I finished That part I moved on over to the band saw
and for this Nothing to tricky here pretty standard cuts
on All 4 corners I definitely took my time on
that and Using that quick corner jig really helps when
it comes To making these types of cuts it certainly
makes It a lot easier to manage After I got my fourth cut done here I went
ahead And did the handle as well You’ll see that
in Just a minute Really I gotta say I think the
only Thing about this project that I was a little
unhappy With was the handle and I think in retrospect
I really Would have done that differently and kind
of done a round Over all around it and it just looks a little
to Blocky but hey I could probably see me making
another Of these and if I do I’ll make an adjustment So the handle trimmed up pretty nicely there
on the band saw And I thought it turned out pretty okay overall
I guess And after that was finished then I moved on
to Profiling the edge of the peel here I gotta
say I was Really impressed this was what I thought was
going To be the hardest part was the easiest part
getting that Profile to look right at the end of the board
and it Turned out really really well and I had no
problem With that and the last thing I did to the
project Was I added a hole into the handle there I
guess you Could hang that up really it was a request
from By my wife that I have that there so I don’t
know Maybe it adds a little bit to the character
to the Board
and here it is here’s the final product I
finished This using a salad bowl finish I put about
5 coats All together on it and it really was a nice
little Project So if you want to see more about this
how I did it checkout my website at

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  • Really cool video! I learned a lot of little tricks from watching you make this Pizza Peel. Also I'll have to check out that corner jig from peach tree, seems pretty nifty. I will definitely be sharing your content to help get the word out about your blog.

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