How To Get Flawless Skin Naturally | Vegan Peel Off Mask Without Gelatin

Hi friends this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share a wonderful peel-off mask that gives
flawless glowing skin if used regularly. Usually homemade peel-off masks are made with gelatin as a base which is derived from animals. If you don’t want to use
gelatin then agar agar also called as China grass is the best substitute. China
grass is obtained from a type of algae. It also gels like gelatin but without
the need of refrigeration so people who are staying in hostels also can use this
pack. China grass softens and hydrates the skin leaving it soft, smooth and
glowing. You will see a visible difference after the first use itself. We
generally get China grass in the form of strips in Indian markets. We also get
unflavored China grass powder online which is easier to use than China grass
strips. China grass is available very cheap and this treatment is one of the
cheapest but most effective treatment that we can do at home. The best part
about this peel-off mask is you only need three ingredients for making it. The
rest of the two ingredients are tulsi also called as holy basil and green
tea. I have used dried tulsi leaves in this recipe but you can also use fresh tulsi
leaves too. Both green tea and holy basil are full of antioxidants and helps
reduce free radical damage and they also help treat all skin problems very
effectively. For the pack, take around four grams of
China grass in a bowl. Add 1/2 teaspoon of green tea to it. Add in half teaspoon of dried tulsi or
fresh tulsi leaves. Now add in quarter cup of water. Now boil this mixture in very low flame
till the China grass melts completely. Make sure to boil in very low flame and
stir often till the China grass is completely melted. In my personal
experience, I found that not all the China grass brands we get in the
markets melt easily. Some don’t melt at all and after struggling with a few
brands, I finally found one in my local store that melts easily. If you find that
your China grass does not melt easily try an another brand. Now strain the
mixture using a strainer to get a smooth liquid. China grass sets easily and fast
at room temperature especially if we use very less liquid like this so try to use
it immediately after straining while it is still warm. To use, take the mixture and using a brush apply it all over the face and
neck. Here I’ll demonstrate how to use it in my hand. Make sure to apply a
thick coat. If the liquid is warm it won’t set but if it gets cold it will
start gelling. If it does, then you can melt again and then use. Since this pack
is neither drying nor does it make the skin oily, it is ideal for all skin types.
Also this peel of mask is ideal for people who are prone to breakouts as it
has anti-inflammatory properties and is very gentle on the skin. I would also
highly recommend this pack for ageing skin as it has powerful anti-aging
properties. Once you have applied a thick coat, wait for it to dry completely. It
will dry very soon completely depending on the temperature. Once completely set, using a back of a spoon or a sandwich spreader, start removing it. Unlike gelatin base peel of mask, this
peel of mask will peel off very very easily. This pack will not dry very
tightly on the skin so it is not very effective in removing the blackheads
like gelatin base peel off mask but on the positive side it is not painful to
remove like gelatin base peel off mask. As it does not pull the skin while
removing, it is ideal for using on all types of skin including very sensitive
skin. Do give this recipe a try without fail. I hope you found this video useful.
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