hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates happy merch day our merch is going live today I will explain that a bit later on thank you very much for watching our ear wax removal video this gentleman’s come through with a very blocked up here he’s had an outer ear infection which he’s had treatment for but it’s the treatment that we tend to use for outdoor ear infections we’ve also into drops into the ear which can drastically change the consistency of the ear wax so what you can see here is we’ve got some ear wax in here we’ve also got these very dry skin pieces here that have embedded in the ear canal as well so sometimes the infection can actually aggravate the skin so you will get this pillage of skin under these so what we’re working on here is almost like a little sleeve of skin that’s surrounding the ear canal so we’re using the standard size on the tube here just to start removing some of these bigger pieces you’ll get a good look at some of this as it’s coming out see these long thin strips there you’ll get a better view of what these sort of thinner plates you can see the skep separation of the skin layers there as well just getting a grip on that trying to peel it out or see the ear canal isn’t not particularly big so we can’t get a lot of sideways motion in here so I’m just trying to get as much more wiggle on this as we possibly can you know just slowly working its way out trying to get a good grip there can you see the white skin underneath the separated skin layers there we go nice big chunk coming away they’re switching to the fine ends now because we can see we’re much much thinner layer you can see where the skins with aggravatin at least let’s see the separation there just trying to lift these very thin pieces away as far as treatment for the outer ear infections because most people will clear up usually within a week of using drops we tend to follow our pace if they come in with an ear infection and we tell them to go we get some treatment we then follow them up after the treatment because it’s quite common to get these problems you can see we’ve got this thin layer now at the top we can use the crocodile forceps just to get a bit of a grip on this and pull this away look there you go you can see all that peeling out of there long strips on this ear canal coming away now yeah looking that you can see you got a bit more bit more there to the out dissection let’s get that out of the way to give us a better view so crocodile forceps again trying to pinch onto it is far on as we can to get a good grip gentle pulling there there we go look at that peeling away off the ear canal see these long long strips all the time coming away so we’re getting into the deeper sections now closer to the eardrum um we are launching the merge today me and mrs. B will do a video about that at about half past 9:00 tonight so about half an hour’s time we’ll pop back on and do a video just explaining what’s going on there so keep posted for that one now you can see now you’ve got this layer at the bottom that’s lifted up let’s lift this trying to keep the whole thing as one piece if we possibly can the difficulty is these because these tend to be quite hard pieces they shear as you put pressure on there you go you could see that one was doing the same thing that just sheared away so just trying to get a grip on this next section now you can see how it folds and flicks up so we’re gonna go back with a suction see if we can prepare this again now try and peel a little bit more away you see its lifting its lifting quite loosely on one end but you’ll start to see then it’s still quite firmly attached to the ear canal wall on on the left hand side I’m trying to peel that away when you’re peeling this type of material because it’s slightly harder in texture than normal ear wax as you’re peeling the way it tends to flick back to Train revert to its normal form against the ear canal but usually makes it a little bit difficult to pull away so we’re just going to use the crocodile force up see if we can get a grip now we’ve pulled that section we’re gonna tease that out there we go look at that coming away there nice big chunk of bereans skin you can see I took a great chunk of that our way on the left-hand side we can see the top of the eardrum they’re very base of the ear canal we’ve introduced a little bit of olive oil in here because this last piece now not the section I’m working on here but the very dark piece that you can see against the eardrum will be quite firmly attached to that drum so we’re introducing the olive oil in there it’s really gonna help to take that away and loosen it off that drum so we’re just getting rid of this bit of flappy bit of dry skin here that’s flicked up in front of the camera there you go and then we’re just gonna pop this in now very very slowly working our way down the ear canal aiming for this left-hand corner now watch what happens we get a grip on this the peel is slowly peeling this across getting it out of that value just in front of the eardrum but watch keep peeled watch what happens it’s just starting to get a grip getting on the edge oil there’s no loosened off there we go all came away in one nice big chunk have a look now we’ve got one last piece together way now I’m gonna very very delicately go down and try and get a grip on that flat central section there there you go lifted just starting to peel away if we can get a good grip on this I think we’re gonna get a good peel here there you go so you’re all peel off the aedra in one piece so we have a look now we can now see the eardrum you’ve done looks quite dull okay but don’t forget this patient has had an outer ear infection so everything’s a little bit aggravated in there I’ve got this one little piece here at the top of the ear canal so what we do with this we tilt the patient over a little bit just to get a good better view of the top portion of the ear canal this we’re just going to slowly peel this down and then just working this off the ear canal wall there we I can see just peeling down they’re starting to come away from the ear canal wall as well watch what happens when we peel backwards look at that do you just got this whole section of sort of dead skin appeals back with it there you go out it comes so have a good look at that drum against there we a little bit of dullness there we’ll go as the skin repairs itself some of this got sucked into the regime but you can see these long long strips very thin see the gray brown color to them as well that’s quite common following infection see you back here in about 30 minutes guys thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’re not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care


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