• Thank You for running your show. I stated when yoo had 37.
    Not i beed told tonight in ICU that cancer is taking me away. Going to miss ya!!! Would love to had a. To meet up. But. you enjoy.

  • I’ve enjoyed your channel. My dad is a retired audiologist so it’s neat to see his job from a different perspective. I’m from the US and absolutely adore listening to your commentary and accent. I like seeing videos every day but please do what’s best for your family and business!

  • Excellent imperial measuring today! 😉 But one thing you can't measure is how much we subscribers love your videos, regardless of how often you upload. You do you, Rhys, and we'll support you.

  • Love watching your videos! So many others don't talk n tell you what they are doing n move onto another ear when they don't know what to do.

  • I love having a video to end my day with each evening. Did anybody else think the dark hairs in the wax looked like spider legs? I know they were hairs, but it still made me shudder.

  • That peel was totally amazing! I continue to be awestruck by the different ways you manage to get the "gunk" out of peoples ears! "Gunk" is a Texas term…just in case you didn't know!

  • I would love to see videos every day, but I too feel that you should have a RELAXING family life. I am honored that you are thinking of your followers (waxaholics). I would rather see you 3 days a week, than see you more harried 5 days a week. Thank you for your caring.

  • I do love that you're doing the five videos this week. It's been a nice treat! I've looked forward to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays videos cause that was the routine. Just please don't let it interfere with your family time!

    Also, love that you have trouble with inches while I have trouble with understanding centimeters! US vs UK!

  • While I would absolutely love watching 5 videos a week, don’t spread yourself too thin just do what you can. I love your videos!

  • Oh, that second patient must have been quite uncomfortable with all that buildup glued to their eardrum. I sighed in response as it was tidied away. Ahh!

    I'm enjoying watching your videos before I go to sleep. I feel cleansed almost as much as your patients. I must say your narrations are educational and on point, your voice is so soothing to my ears.
    Is it bad to use peroxide-based cleansers in the ear canal? I'll stay with oil, thanks for the graphic warning.

    Time for sleep, love from the States.

  • Love the daily videos! Gives me more to watch which is great. But if you need a break take one. No one wants to work all day to go home and work some more. Definitely appreciate the dedication for sure but remember that your family and personal life is much more important than the viewers.

  • If you wanna do 3 videos one week and 5 the next and alternate that’s cool. You have a life outside of these videos and shouldn’t always feel the need to be editing, Ive seen some youtubers do 5 days a week and they burnout on editing. Do whatever is healthy for you and Mrs B! 3 videos or 5 videos I’m watching them all💕💕

  • That was sweet! Loved learning about the reason why the second client's wax looked so different! Post at your convenience, you certainly do deserve time away from work!

  • The everyday videos are definitely great! But it’s totally understandable if it can’t happen all the time! Your followers support you either way ❤️

  • Yeah, I agree with most everyone else. You need a life away from people's ears!!! Also, I kinda prefer to have longer videos a few days a week rather than one patient and a 5 min video every day of the week. I like to watch these when I get into bed, along with my pimple popping vids 😂, cuz they relax me and help me go to sleep!! So I prefer to have a longer compilation of more patients for that reason.😊😊
    Have a wonderful night everybody!!!

  • It tickles me when you narrate as though you’re doing the extraction right then. I love watching your daily videos, but if you find it a bit much, I’m happy with whatever you give! Thank you for your videos!

  • Oo I do love a good peel! Wax or skin or both, they're my favorites.
    I enjoyed having the extra videos this week,sure,and that you are thinking of what we want to such a degree that you're willing to do it is so lovely of you,but please don't run yourself ragged;we all need our down time.Three days a week is great,your videos are well worth waiting for!

  • I'm loving the five day schedule, but people are correct in saying ,don't let this take over your family time. Family time is much more important than this channel. Thank you so much for all your hard work in your job. Your videos truly show how much you care for your patient's. Too bad we can't clone you because we in the US could use Doctor's like you. It would make my families experiences better. Thank you again.

  • I so appreciate your showing us in inches and centimeters. I still love your videos and watch them every time you publish them. You are a true master of your trade!! Thanks again! 💙❤️

  • Cheers Mr. B!!! I always look forward to your videos and getting to see the many ways of removal and the many, many kinds of wax formations… I think you’re such an amazing man that you want to give us videos every day.. so totally selfless… Being a newlywed, maybe 3 days a week is better so you have more time for you (and once in a while pop in an “extra” video if you wanna give us a surprise treat!! All the best to you and Mrs. B.

  • Mr. Barber . Thank you so much for showing a before picture of what it look like before you put in the olive oil I appreciate it and thank you for all your hard work and you're doing a wonderful job. And I hope you have a wonderful day

  • I love the videos 3x a week. Gives me something to look forward to during the week. Besides family and family time comes first! Love the descriptions and commentary! Hello to family. ❤️

  • I just love your videos and I still be watching them and sharing them with my granddaughter and she to loves them. God bless you kind sir and continue with your videos. Love em.

  • I love having your videos to look forward to, whether they are weekly, 3 days a week, or 5 days a week. Daily means l don't have to go rematch all the time.

  • What do you think of putting plain peroxide in the ear or rubbing alcohol? I know a lot of people, myself included, who use it after swimming if you are prone to getting what is called swimmers ear. An infection basically. It is supposed to dry the excess water up.

  • Oof! I liked that peel on the second patient. Nice work! And agreed…we love your videos but don’t overwork yourself. You need down time too. Keep the videos coming when you can. We’ll be eagerly waiting even if it’s not every day.

  • I don't really know what it is about "tidying up" that gets to me but I love that part especially when you leave the whole ear canal and drum nice and clean. 👍👍

  • Loved the peel on the 2nd patient! Seeing the wax come off the eardrum was amazing! Thank you so much for these videos and all of your hard work!!! ❤️

  • We do love a good peel! Sure it would be great if you gave us a new video everyday, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your home life. Don’t want the Mrs getting mad at us. Love you guys!❤️

  • Love the 5 days a week, and the 3 days a week, and I honestly think doing one video a week that’s a long complication could be even better! I know it would mean more waiting but it would make when you post even more exciting! All 3 options are great with me, whatever is easiest for you!

  • I really love a good compilation with some variety. Love the daily videos! You know if daily videos are too much or not. If your missing out on family life, the keep it to 3 days a week.

  • Made me giggle “I know you guys enjoy a good peel”
    Throughly enjoy your videos but don’t know if I could get my ears 👂 cleaned 🧼. Kia Ora from All Black country 🏉 🇳🇿

  • I think you should stick to 2 to 3 days a week. Have time with your wife and family. We will be here. Maybe once ever few months maybe do upload week. 5 days a week is too much.

  • I love having a video to watch every night before falling asleep….yes I watch as I lay in bed..ur voice is soothing to me

  • I think 3 days a week are great even though we love every video I know it's hard to do 5 days and editing and running the business don't over do it doc!!!! We love you

  • No you need down time and family time, so thank you for this week. BTW have you thought about a couple of background videos, staff, etc the video your lovely lady was great. Enjoy your weekend

  • This was a great compilation. The commentary is extremely good and I get excited in anticipation as you describe what’s happening and what might happen next. Sooo exciting to watch. Thank you for the videos. We are so spoilt by you in trying to please us your fans!! I so appreciate your channel. X

  • When removing the wax from the entrance to the ear canal (1st one) you scrape upwards against the way it is there. Why do this rather than scrape down which would be able to remove easily? Just curious. Thanks

  • have you ever had to remove / trim the hairs in a patients ear to be able to remove wax/skin or are big ammounts of hair not a problem

  • Had mine done today!!! Was a huge anti climax! Wasn't particularly loud, I didn't feel anything, took about 20 seconds per ear and pulled out a lump the size of a pea from each one! Absolutely gutted!

  • Your videos have been very informative. Good to be more familiar with the ear structure. Have hearing problems and just got my first set of hearing aids. Easier to get the darn things in when you know how they are supposed to sit in the ears.

  • Brilliant, as always! My nana always put oil in one ear with a cotton ball and made me lie on that side, then switch it the next night when I had earaches. She taught me to never put the oil in both ears at the same time. It’s always worked for me and I did the same with my kids when they were wee one’s. Ohhhh, the gunk that would come out!!! Absolutely amazed us. Please, do keep it to no more than three a week. You’re such a dear to do a five day streak but you’ve got a lovely new wife and fun to be had! Cheers! 🤗

  • Oh,before I forget…your measurements were spot on. I had to learn both as a wee one, I’m in the states now and it’s so funny to see my speedometer on my ute has both kph and mph! I’m glad we taught our kids both as they are both going into the medical field! Anyhoo…cheers!

  • Agreed. I'll never complain about getting 5 days worth and you're voice. However, by now most understand the work that goes into post production and the voice over work. You need time for you and the Family. I'm good with just Mon., Wed., and Fri.

  • PLEASE READ SUPER SMART DOC!! Sorry no cute emojis, so it's old school. 🙂 😉 ♡♡♡♡

    I grew up in the military, but my early years (6 months old, born in Japan) we lived in Vegas (60s, yes showing my age. I grew up at Lake Mead & even when my papasan was transfered which was a lot. My mom (many of my guardian angels) put her feet down (she was 6'1" when she passed) , had my dad almost write in blood that 30 days even summer was Vegas Time. I was such a water lover that I would go under & never come back up 'til someone would pull me up. Now I was a month late, so my mom just said I was a WOMB BABY!! My mom is even buried surround by casinos in 1980. Long strong short sort of LONG, but you need some background to show see just how smart you are!! I had lots od ear infection as baby, then 2 or 3 cases of Swimmer's Ear evert summer, in church I always stood up to pray with my feet turned in, heights & I stay in the elevator, I am a klutz (but that a sisterly thing) & started puke on tea cup rides in the 70s. My 1st dizzy spell was 1985 plus wiped out a candy rack, no diagnosis, so no biggie. I was diagnosed with Inactive Meniere's Disease during 1st pregnancy (1989-4/90)which sucked cause NO SALT, so after that (never prego & was blessed
    (got lucky since we couldn't have kids & had 1 of each plus my 1st NON-FURRY GRANDBABY IN 2017) I would get a bad cold, took meclizine then crash for the a few days., again no biggoe. On November 1, 2001 my Meniere's Disease since became a Rollercoaster from HADES, except all the great trips my family made (NOT ME) that started in Rapid City, SD (my chosen hometown evn thou I live in MOSQUITOE & HUMIDITY HADES of Va [PERSONAL OPPINON]), Denver, San Antonio & some I really don't remember due to my choice of an Endolymphatic Sac Shunt & Depression Surgery on 2/2/2002, which cause massive nerve pain damage. So NO HELP then unless it was drugs, forgetting months & losing my accounting brainpower. Now I am on just a few meds, PRAISE CYMBALTA the never pain, meclizine & just ER meds. So the reason I why I started this LOOONG comment, is I consider myself a Meniere's Disease & Attack expert through my family taking this Journey of Medical HADES. My son is a Type 1 Diabetic since 6 & it effects the WHOLE FAMILY LIVE to injecting saline into oranges, CARB counting, food labels, etc. Meniere's is so much like that, it's a Family disease. So Doc Rhys ( I'm have NO proper English Etiquette, but I love 19th century Romances placed in England plus don't get me started about British TV, LOVE IT) not only are you kinda share named my FAV CANDY (besides Curly Wurly's, son's pregnancy was in Germany) Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, but I have learn more from your YouTube video about the inner ear, so my Meniere's Disease knowledge has increaseed. You are my TOP CHANNEL, hope wifey doesn't get jealous, but during hurricanes barometric pressures changes (live by Chesapeake Bay), ear infections or Meniere's Attacks day, I listen to your Playlists 24/7 even downloaded them for my Va to South Dakota them Denver trip this summer. Your voice (as I FORCE myself not to watch) soothes my ears' HADES to some short hours of calmness in my personal storms. Now some quick questions for you, do you collect anything (some of my FAV docs likes socks, my ENT & only Otolaryngologist who will every come near me again digs $700 shoes, NOPE on his own, but his kids love MINIONS, & candy for US Air Force docs. Maybe you will get some more Jameson or Butlers (unknown to me). Could you chat about Meniere's Disease on your channel & my story is yours to use (no name), but looog comment might tip them off, but if you need written premission or any other info just let me know. Here is RED TAPE USA, we have a HIPAA rules which I slam into almost daily for my papasan (dad) since he has no voice box & ELs (electronic laryx) don't work so hot with cell phone here & whiling to sign one of those, too!!

    Thanks for reading my LOOONG comment, but you are a great doc, MARVY HUMAN who opens his heart to everyone in each of your, not patients, but new friends in need plus your YouTube channel doesn't have the NAILS ON THE CHALKBOARD sucking noise to my sensitive ears!! I don't personally know you, but you share your gentle soul, caring heart, loving nature, massive knowledge (tiny haed, but massive brain) & you wedding a GORGEOUS wifey with MESMERIZING & HYPNOTIC blue eyes. Who got luckier? I don't believe in labels, but I don't have one category that only aa few (less than just on of my hands) folks have EARNED to become a special member, that's my MOM CATEGORY!! You are now a HONORED MEMBER of the MY MOMMY CLUB!! I wish I could use her name, but she hated it so much, she threatened to haunt use 3 girls for it. Also with t his HONOR comes with HER HEAVENLY TEA CLUB (her Southern Sweet) for any folks, FURRY or not FURRY PETS welcome, too!!

    P.S. I'm sure I did a lot of typos, funky made up words (ex romance reviewer), American vs English translation mix-ups, English oopsies like no "U" cause this American is slightly goofy, has a trail of FURRINESS follow her everywhere & has a AWESOMELY QUIRKY FAMILY I am DANG proud of!! Also, I also live by so many gamous American Revolution area?

  • I love seeing them all the time I would love videos everyday But wouldnt that be a lot on you and take up all your time Yes I would love videos everyday that's only if you can fit that in to your schedule and still have a life and do the things you need to do Plus you need time to relax with the videos and your patience

  • Conversation at my home:
    Me: ooohhh jobson horn
    Husband: what you call me?
    Me: not talking to you
    H: what are you watching?
    M: ear wax videos
    H: what's wrong with you woman?.
    M: im awesome duh 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
    H: weirdo lol

    I find Rhys fascinating 😁😁

  • I love how happy and peaceful you sound while you narrate these vids. So please please please keep prioritizing family and fun in your personal life so that you can keep that peaceful tone!

  • That must feel so much better getting all that crud out of your ears. I'm sure the patient can hear better. Educating these people about the perils of putting things in your ear, i.e cotton swabs, that they can block your hearing over time, and if you keep using them you'll just push that stuff further into your ear.

  • You are the wax whisperer, man. You go where I 'll bet doctors won't go and you are so kind to your patients. Please extend that kindness to yourself and cut back on your video time-we won't leave you, I promise.

  • Valley wax: 'OMG, I was like, just chilling, like, minding my own business and this like, total rando like, comes at me with like a fine end, you know? And I'm like, WTH? Like, honestly, dude, what is your problem?! I mean, you know? If you want me to move, like maybe, just like, ask or something? I mean… OMG, I CAN'T EVEN!

  • Love your videos! They are very relaxing for me to watch and help my anxiety.

    How often should people get their ears cleaned? I had tons of ear problems as a baby. Multiple infections, got tubes, the tubes grew into my ear, had to have surgery to get them out, etc. And my ears havent been messed with or looked at since I was like 8(22 now)

  • Hi. Doing a good job!! Especially so satisfying to watch that after the bigger pieces of earwax are removed that you go in and remove the other stuff that is still covering the ear canal. It is more satisfying to watch when it is done thoroughly. I guess my OCD is showing. Lol

  • Dr. B I love how caring you are for the comfort of your patients, I’ve seen some videos, where the Dr. is to aggressive in the ear, and I’m sure the patient is having a vast amount of discomfort. Love watching your videos and hearing your commentary.

  • I do love 5 days a week but as a nurse i. Understand burnout. And as a newlywed U should be together more enjoying one another's company

  • I need a psychiatrist to help me understand why I like these. Thank you for the effort of posting these.

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