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video today so we have three patients in this video so three patients that come
through clinic in the last few days now what we can see with this first patient
they have some very hard ear wax are certainly from the outer part of the ear
canal here so we’re using the standard sizes zoellner tube to loosen the ear wax on
the ear canal wall which lifts it as you can see there allows us to start pulling
away chunks from there and hopefully try and get away in a larger piece you can
see the ear wax itself is quite sticky and quite stretchy so we need to really
maneuver this ear wax away from the ear canal walls you can see it’s just
starting to move there so if we can take it from this right side ear canal wall as
you’re looking at it here we’ll probably be able to bend it out and away from the
ear canal we are just starting to see it move a little bit now lifting from the
base you can see just so sticky this as we’re lifting it from one corner the top
of the ear wax then we’ll stick to the opposite corner of the ear canal here we go
working its way out into the bowl of the ear canal they just keep wiggling this up
and down inching it forwards there we are so go into the bowl of the ear canal
here we go so that’s the front end of the ear wax it looks like a little bit broke
off there we are at the entrance to the canal so I’ll just use the zoellner tube
just to tidy that up and take that away see it’s quite thick sticky ear wax well
coming away you can see a little bit deeper into the ear canal looks like you can
yep there we are you can see is a little bit further in so this is obviously
quite a large chunk of ear wax in this canal that just broke off halfway down
because some of this skin out of my view there here we go working it down the ear canal
trying to maintain a suction grip on it while we wiggle it up and down little
pieces breaking away with the suction there we are
that was the rear end of that large chunk of ear wax now this still more so we
need to get this piece away as well this is very deep in the ear canal this
one so sitting just in front of the eardrum so you can see that this ear wax was
actually one continuous piece and it’s backed all the way up down to the eardrum
itself so just gently taking away these pieces now there we go it’s lifting and
bringing the ear wax forwards trying to get a good grip on the bottom
there we go I can see where they would all come away a little bit here up in
the what is called the attic region so in the top portion of the ear canal there
just peel that down to get rid of that here we go oh yeah there’s the eardrum so this is what we remove so this was
all from one ear so you can see it was quite a substantial piece of ear wax
altogether so just under an inch and out or just over an inch and a half there so
this is our second patient in the compilation now this patients come
through obviously being using q-tips we’ve got a very indented Center to the
ear wax and you can see the outer sections are coming further towards the camera so
down the ear canal a little bit more so just kind of probe it with the standard size
zoellner tube first of all just to see how tough this is the ear wax itself looks
really hard so we hopefully could get this away in one piece just trying to
test the edges of this ear wax to see if we can lift it or move it it looks really
tough so what we’re going to do is use the crocodile forceps now just to get
down the side of the ear wax using the underside of the forceps lifting
slightly so we can get in a little bit further and then trying to get a grip now you
can see we’ve got a very shallow grip on that ear wax there so lifting again trying
to get underneath there now as we pull you see the whole thing is moving so it
allows us to get a much better grip then and try and bring this out in one large
piece if possible here we go it’s really starting to move
now it’s loosened from where it was stuck in the ear canal that’s the front end
there and you can see the ear canal there you can see what it’s been quite red and
aggravated in there so this was the piece so two centimetres long so quite a
substantial piece the larger left-hand side is the front end and obviously
that’s where it goes into the canal there at the back end there on the right
side so last patient the compilation today looks like a little bit of softer
ear wax this one so it’s on the tube coming out getting a grip on the front end of
this ear wax so you can see it’s very soft getting sucked into the machine but
there we’ve got a grip on that ear wax now a little bit broke away but did you see
the whole chunk lift upwards so it means it’s detached it from the ear canal wall
gives us a better chance now getting this out in one piece if possible so try
to maintain a good suction grip well bringing the ear wax forwards towards the
camera now there we go you can see a long strip of dead dry
skin on the back of that there there’s the eardrum so all came out where one
piece so this is the other side of the of this patient so you
see you’re quite a large chunk here as well so same thing again we can use the
standard size zoellner tube but you can see that ear wax is quite firmly stuck in
there so I’m not coming away from the ear canal walls as much as we’d like be can
you see the gap at the top so this would be a perfect perfect piece of ear wax to use
the st. barts hook on so we’re going to go behind and draw this forward lots of
pople ask we don’t use the hook so often it’s you’ve got up a really good gap to
be able to get the hook through safely and you’ve got to know you’re not too
deep in the ear canal but the showing you drum which is why it
doesn’t come out too often so you can see here this is what we removed from
this patient so quite large pieces and long bits of dry skin thank you very much for watching our
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