hi everyone this is Rhys Barber from Audiology
associates got a really interesting video for you guys to us today we’ve got
a client that’s come through complaining of reduced here for the last six weeks
he’s been back and forth to his GP and being prescribed antibiotics for
possible ear infections and nasal spray for possible middle ear fluid but I mean
look in the ear today what it first appears to be is a little bit of excess
skin on the eardrum so a lots of striated skin just around our eardrum
well we look a little bit more closely though with this this this deep view we
get with the endoscope you can see this actually a dry piece of skin that’s
perfectly formed to the ear canal so it’s completely blocking that ear canal
up so in fact it’s formed almost a second eardrum now we can see the
anatomy of the eardrum behind that piece of skin so we know the skin is really
thin so it should come out quite easily with that with some suction you can get
a good look at it there you can see a little dry and thin pieces there at the
bottom of the canal so what we’re going to use is a standard size zoellner tube but
then I want to get as much suction on the skin as we can to try and take it
away in one piece we’re gonna aim for just sort of right of center of that
skin because I want to try and peel it away from one of the ear canal walls I’m
gonna try and peel it away from the right ear canal wall and then move across to
the left so we’re gonna try and get a bit of suction on it they that’s the
grip you can see that they light reflected when that skin has changed so
we’ve got the good grip so now we’re pulling from that right side across to
the left just freeing it up from the right ear canal wall just waiting to get a
grip a better grip there we are so you can see it’s starting to pull away from
the right so we’re pulling across to the left and back so we’re pulling this skin
down the ear canal and the reacts all coming away in one nice big chunk there
we go you can see how thin that skin was but really causing a problem with this
gentleman because it was just blocking that sound from getting down to the
eardrum when we see the eardrum itself looks nice and healthy you can see the
hammer bone there and the light reflex in the bottom right hand corner that’s a
little triangle of light shows me the skin is nice and healthy
claim here a much much better following the procedure so as our really pleased
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