hi everybody my name is Rhys barber I’m
the audiologist here at audiology associates thank you very much watching
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everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you very much
for watching our ear wax remova video today this ladies come through with some
quite dry hardened up ear wax a little bit of discomfort in the ear as well so
quite a feeling of almost like a pressure sensation in the in the ear so
we’re using the standard sized Zoelner tube here just to remove this ear wax so you
can see it’s quite dry on the outer part here holding together quite well
sometimes a little bit difficult to get a grip on with the suction when it’s
this dry just wiggling it back and forth trying to work this out of the
the ear canal just held in with a little bit of a little bit of dry skin it’s not
uncommon to get these kind of dry skin issues with dry ear wax like this because
it’s part of the reason the ear wax stays dry doesn’t pick up as much of the oil
from the ear canals if you’ve got quite dry skin in there just trying to bend the
ear wax forward so bring it down from the top so that we can maybe look at getting
behind it in a second just wiggling it out trying to inch it
out very very slowly maybe that’s on its way out you see a little bit of dry skin
there see or folding into the end of the suction machine
there’s the dry skin you can see this attach to the ear canal wall so that ear wax
wasn’t coming out because that dry skin was almost embedded in there it’s quite
difficult to remove that with a suction tube it’s quite noisy for the
patients we’re going to switch to the Jobson horn just to break that dry skin
away there’s the ear drum you can see the ear drum looks a little bit white you can
see dull light reflex and a lot of blood vessels come to the surface so a little
bit pressure put onto the ear drum from behind on this one which would account
for what some of the fullness of sensation a little bit of the discomfort
they’ve been experiencing so this is the same patient with the second ear now so
you can see what quite dry ear wax on this one as well when you see the eardrum
pushing out like that or the blood vessels come to the surface it means
that something usually fluid is putting pressure from behind and that fluid can
be either sterile or it can be infected when the eardrum looks white like that it
tends to look as though it’s maybe a little bit of middle ear infection just
starting to brew behind the eardrum in the space there so this is a very dry
crumbly ear wax now on this second ear so we’re using the Jobson horn to go in and
take this ear wax away just breaking it away piece by piece if you’ve watched a lot
of our videos you’ll know that when we use the Jobson or we tend to like to use
the jobson horne for a little bit and then to go in and remove any of the more
crumbly bits of ear wax that have broken away by using the Jobson on just to tidy
it up a little bit before we start to use the horn again you can see the
same problem here what I’m pulling down there is a flap of dry skin again you can see it’s just pulling from all
directions there so this is the culprit of why this this ear wax has been holding
in here you can see it just pushing together there you’ll see there’s more
dry ear wax caught behind this as well just trying to get this this dry skin
tends to be really tough to remove it because it’s usually really kind of
anchored in there so just using the Jobson horn to manoeuvre this out see it
pulling down to the base of the ear canal there look it’s tough old stuff this you can see we’ve pulled that
flap of skin now out of the ear so we can get to what’s behind it which is a
little bit more dry skin and a little bit more dry ear wax so we’re just gonna
suction what we can get to there you can see this little flap of dry skin
hanging around the outside part of the ear canal just gonna use the crocodile
forceps know just to pull this out maybe I can see just how long that that piece
of dry skin was so that helps to get that out of the way so that we can
concentrate on what’s behind it there we go you see it’s almost like a pocket of dry
skin that we’re pulling away here just starting to break away in the end of the
crocodile forceps there trying to find a little bit of an edge
you can see that it’s pulling away to the side so just trying to get
underneath that let’s just start now shear a little bit now that’s still
coming away so back to the zoellner tube now there we go we can see a little bit of
skin underneath that blob of ear wax that we just pulled away now we’ve removed that
drier skin which has been holding everything else into place it’s quite
easier than to go in okay now I wanted to show you this ear drum you can see
that we’ve got a really bulging ear drum you can see the drum is distended very
white all the blood vessels are at the surface so this certainly looks like a
middle ear infection so if this patient doesn’t get some antibiotic it’s quite
soon this ear drum is going to pop this is what we were moved from the yes you
can see a lot of dry flaky bits of ear wax that’s in centimeters and inches there
whew thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the
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96 thoughts on “7CM/3.5 INCHES OF EAR WAX REMOVED – EP 131

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    These problems no doubt occur in third world countries poverty stricken areas
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