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age spots shown on your skin spots on the skin produced
for old age they are more common than imagine
in general you shouldn’t worry about them since they have no effect
negative we can observe them especially in
light skinned people but this is not it means that skin people
dark do not develop these spots They are oval brown and flat
appear in places of the body that they expose a lot to the sun as the hands the
face feet and shoulders you should be attentive to the spots that appear
on your skin since some may be ulcers with a close relationship to cancer
be alert when the spots are firm flaky bright bleeding or
red the causes of these spots can also be genetics and
the bad development of the agent in charge of skin pigmentation are
equal to freckles and they are more an aesthetic problem with the
that many people fight just like most conditions have
solution can follow treatments of dermatology as well as try
with natural recipes that sometimes they have the same effect as
commercial there are many natural treatments
which are perfect to reduce old age spots a very plant
known for its properties is the burdock take it in infusions may
help you eliminate the toxins that are deposited in the epidermis its root can
purify and protect the skin of the face of extreme abscesses and spots
another plant is lime water la con cleansing and cleaning properties
eliminate uric acid and protect your peroxidation epidermis being this one
one of the causes of the spots in the skin
some oils like castor oil you can find in many pharmacies
they can also help you to decrease age spots
apply it frequently on spots about twice a day
accompanied by gentle massages so that the product is fully absorbed
This way you will start to see the results after about four or six
weeks of applications followed some natural alternatives that
we can use to remove stains of old age are masks and creams
between the masks we have the one that performs with lemon and oatmeal mode
preparation to prepare the mask anti stains you must have a
tablespoon oatmeal or oatmeal in mix flakes in a bowl with
half tablespoon of lemon juice stir very good until you get a mix
uniform this mask should be refrigerated if
you do a little more than the bill tends to last about two or three days in
cold Once the cream is obtained, apply it on
dark spots on your skin let act for at least 20 minutes and then
you remove them with warm water apply this mask two or three times a week
and you will see incredible results you can avoid skin blemishes
taking some care like stop expose yourself excessively to the sun we can
think that ultraviolet rays that the sun gives us are good for
our skin but not really all since they can bring effects
harmful as dryness and appearance of dark spots and
nasty wears sunscreens and moisturizers every time you can
old age spots are known also as hyperpigmentation this is
a very common type of affliction in which melanin amounts are produced
a natural pigment characteristic of the skin brings with it color spots
dark and with a complexion something irregular these spots do not usually
present any danger to the person but you must be aware if these
they become outgoing and reddish in color thank you very much for having come up
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