Торописька веньзельненькая/Вензелей много не бывает, никогда…/Шулунова Дарья

Hello, my dear! I’m really glad to see you on my channel again! I hope you have not forgotten to subscribe to the channel and put a like to this video. And today we continue our work! Let’s go! So, you have already seen this amazing nail design on Nastya’s hands on my channel. The nails were wonderful to worn, with the nails everything was fine, all the crystals and micro balls were in place. I was even sorry to file such nails. But as you remember, our task was to remove the length of the nails. How many of you can write to me in the comments why? In yesterday’s video, we discussed this. So, we pushed back the cuticle, remove the pterygium, apply the primer and base coat. Then we quickly model new nails. Then we will file even more beautiful nails from the modeled nails. And then proceed directly to the design of nails. On this hand we wanted to do something very fast and in warm colors. Therefore, as the color to cover the nails, we chose two shades of beige and brown range. One shade is brown and the other is beige, and both and both of these shades are in the same color scheme. As I have said more than once, in design it is very interesting to use contrasting pairs of colors. For brown, the contrast color is blue.

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